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extra easy plan on slimming world

hello every1,
i'm not even sure im in the right place but here goes anyway.In feb i started the cambridge weight plan which i sucessfully lost 4 and a half stone on but after struggling with the last stone and a half i've now switched to slimming world as i was desperate to eat and also my hair was falling out loads.The first week i lost 6lbs which i thought was great, as i thought after not eating any proper food for all those months i would of gained weight so i was understandably really chuffed!but my 2nd weigh in i stayed the same and my 3rd weigh in is on tuesday and according to my scales i've gained 3-4 lbs!I'm not due on and i havn't cheated at all.Has this happened to any1 else.This diet is supposed to be so easy to follow and get the results you want but for me i'm getting frightened of actually putting anything in my mouth now.Can you actually eat too many free foods as thats what i basically live on,is there a suggested portion size, or could there be a reason!Any suggestions would be grafully recieved.x
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Hi Kirsty

Firstly, well done on losing 4 1/2 stone! You often find that after a big weight loss you don't get such a great result the following week as the body is adjusting but it is nothing to worry about.

If youy are only having free food you might not be giving your body the variety of foods it needs, so I would try and include some syns in there as well. Make sure you measure out your fruit and veg to make sure each is a 5 a day portion (you'd be surprised how much this can be!)

These are all things that have worked for me, but stick with it. As long as you follow the plan the weight will come off!!


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welcome to minis and a huge well done for the weight youve already lost!
wishing you lots of luck with those extra pounds!


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Welcome to the forum and Good luck with your weight loss.
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Welcome and wow on your weight loss so far! I definitely think that you should stick with slimming world for a while to give your body time to get used to the new eating plan you are on. This is just your body's way of adjusting.
Good luck xxx
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Hi Kirsty, Welcome and congrats on your weight loss so far! Bit worried that you say your getting frightened of putting anything in your mouth now - please don't think like that, you are a human being and no matter how big we get we HAVE to eat/intake nutrients to keep ourselves well.

I would follow the advice of introducing some syns, they are there for a reason, we do need a little bit of good fat in our diet and you are more likely to stay on-plan if you allow yourself a treat now and then. Maybe try adding 5-10 syns and see how you get on. There is always going to be a transitional period going from one diet to another. Think positively about how brilliant you have done so far and don't put too much pressure on yourself. I could never be so successful on the CWP, I would get so depressed as a foodie so your success is admirable!

good luck! x


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Heya kirsty,congrats on the amazing loss so far!! You definately need to give slimming world a bit of time to get your body settled and adjusted to your new eating plan, especially after comming from a such a different one. The second week is always a bit of a drop from first but soon it will even itself out.

Free foods are great but you have to make sure you dont overeat them and make sure you serve them with at least 1/3 superfree foods too so to fill out your meals. Also make sure your getting your syns, I started out thinking less syns = weigh loss but after a while I realised having some syns actually helps and SW recommend between 5-15 a day. Many people in my group set themselves targets like 70 syns a week and countdown from them which seems to help, I tend to have 5-10 syns a day which works well.

Not going to lie, sometimes you can have good week and the scales dont always agree with you and its frustrating! But in these cases you have to go back through your food diaries to check any errors (sometimes its something simple like weighing your choices, sauces butter etc it can be easy to overdo these or making mistakes calculating syns.. One lady in my class didnt understand why she wasnt losing weight but was eating a couple packs of sugar free polos a day not realising they were 4 syns a pack), or just keep on going (and in my case I usually find my body is just slow and sometimes takes a week to catch up!).

Good luck hun and keep at it, hope this helped! x :)
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SW is about changing your life, Do you want to be able to eat, stay healthy enjoy treats now and again?

Its all about changing how you view on food and understanding what works and what doesn't for you. I have a lot more success on red days than on extra easy but my Dad has lost a stone more than me on extra easy.

Your eating meals now, which in my eyes can only me a good thing, yes you lost a lot on the Cambridge diet but that is more of a short term fix to get to a goal. SW is about the rest of your life and about enjoying the rest of your life. You may put a few pounds on because you are eating normal food again but if you stick to the plan and don't give up it will work and if you get stuck just read through the posts on here.

Good luck on your journey

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Well done on your losses so far! You have to trust in the plan, you cannot eat too many free foods..... but is this all you're having ?? You can also have your healthy extras and syns and this is what makes the plan work long term..... and we're all in it for the long term.

One other thing, only weigh yourself by one set of scales ;) You may be surprised by the scales at class!

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