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Extra Easy, Someone Explain Please


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Hi all

Well I started back at SW classes tonight, after 6 years away (will post about that on my origional thread)

I am somewhat confused about this Extra Easy malarky, the consultant didn't really explain, there were quite a few new starters tonight and it was a tad hectic.

I know all about red and green day, but I have no clue what EE is, please someone explain in laymens terms.

Thanks x
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its as easy as whats free on a green day is free on ee and whats free on a red day is free on ee but u should aim for one third of your plate to be fruit or veg syns if doing ee u take the lowest syn i love it :)


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Thanks, not sure I still understand though, being a bit dim here:rolleyes:

So where as on red you eat loads of meat but not much potato and on green you eat lots of potatoe but not much meat, is EE that you can have unlimited meat and potato on the same day??? How the heckle, do you lose weight, doing that, don't get it:sigh:
you only have 1 hea and 1 heb and should aim to have 1/3 of your plate superfree ie fruit/veg free on both days which kinda acts like a portion control of how much free food you eat
yep thats it u can have both and it works lol its great ops sorry forgot to say u can only have 1 hexa and 1 hexb but appart from that u can eat what ever is free and still have your syns :)


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Havent got a clue how it works, and it took me a couple of weeks to trust it...but as long as you follow it properly the weight will come off, you will feel great, and there is no reason for you to get bored of what your eating as the choices are huuggeee.
I love EE as it is just like "normal" eating, except the weight drops off! :) Easy to fit in with feeding hubby/family, also if you eat out too.


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Is it REALLY that easy? Does it really mean that I can have the wonderful chicken (marinated in rosemary and garlic and wrapped in bacon) that S makes, along with potatoes and veg?? REALLY? Wow...

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