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Extra vitamins


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Does anyone take extra vitamins and supplements on TS? I know if we follow this diet we get our RDA in packs&bar. But just in case.. er... Well I have waist long hair and I don't want too lose it. I used to lose a lot on any diets before. So, what do you think? Should I add up some extra vitamins? :confused:
Am I getting paranoid?:D
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Thanks Starlight :)
Now I can go to bed without being stressed and worried with no reason :eek:
love xxx


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Hair loss can be a problem for some people when they follow a VLCD for an amount of time.
It's because, despite the packs containing all what our bodies need, the vitamins and minerals get used first by 'more important' parts of our bodies! Our hair maybe important to us but it's way down on the importance list for survival!!! Lol
I'm sure taking extra will not help.....the packs contain exactly the right amount that we need.
Just be assured that hair loss an VLCD, if it happens, is only temporary and will grow again when you start eating again.
Did you know it is actually possible to have too many vitamins... hence why we have a RDA.

I have a friend who became seriously ill when she got obsessed with vitamin intake etc. x


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Yes, I know that's possible. I don't want to mess up my body. I'm not losing hair. So maybe just leave it as it is and see what happens. :)

You have a good day guys!


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I was told by a nutritionist that the body can only absorb what it needs, any extra vitamins and minerals over the 100% rda will only be expelled by the body so save your money and treat yourself to some lovely hair care products.


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My hair is so thin and is falling out but am not complaining coz I can always wear hair extensions or cut it short this summer. Short hair can look good if you can work it! I am just unlucky I suppose but then it really isn't the end of the world. Am not sure if the extra vitamins will help, the body just uses what it needs.

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I decided to treat myself and got The Beck Diet Solution book instead of some extra vitamins hahaha :)
Good option! x
I always taken multi vitamins - and even thoguh im on this diet (started today woo)- i wonder if this will have an effect.. is there ever a danger of having "too many" vitamins?!


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Any excess vitamins are simply excreted by the body. The packs provide all you need, but there is no danger in adding a multivitamin if that's what you want to do. There is a danger in an excessive vitamin intake, the body cannot cope and that can be dangerous.
The add a meal week is important; treat your body with some extra protein, it stimulates the metabolism, boosts weight loss and generally helps anyone on TS.

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