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extraordinary people- the heaviest man in the world

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i want to see this! looks good! thanks for reminding me, thought it was on tomorrow lol
oooh, watching it and recording the apprentice :D


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i dont want to end up like that! help me! =[
I was just flicking through ad came across it. I'm glad I started CD otherwise that would have been the fate I was heading towards!
Lo ..x:p
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its sick the way so many ppl come to help him because he eats too much but there are ppl out there dying and need help which they cnt do nothing bout them selves!!!!!!!!! no need in my opinion


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I just can't believe he had all that surgery to remove all that fat but then carried on eating the way he had before. You'd think that having to go through painful surgery would be enough to make him change his ways???
Why does his mother feed him that junk???:silly:
Because she loves him, and we want to make the people we love happy?

It amazes me the responses to tv progs like this (im not talking about minis btw) but people are always asking "how could he" and stuff....but surely we're all just mini versions of him? I certainly am. Yes ok, so i dont weigh 1000odd lbs but i did ask for more, and binged like a crazy thing, and didnt do exercise.

I'm a mini-manuel.

From a geneticists point of view - i don't really see the link in obesity cases like this. I defo see it in peoples figures (being pear shaped), and being prone to weight gain, but you gotta wonder if these "one offs" are getting more frequent?

According to darwin, we are all subject to "survival of the fittest". If obesity is genetic - it won't be *too* much longer.

Poor bloke. I agree Del - i hope this has a happy ending x
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needs some psychological help me thinks... i feel for him!
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