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Extreme hair loss :(


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Guys, been off TFR for about 6 weeks now but only these past couple of weeks have i actually started to notice my hair is soooooooooooooo thin now :cry:

There was a pic of me at the boat party the other night and i look like i am going bald on top :cry:

What do i do?
I have stopped tying it up tightly and now do it very lose, havnt straightened it this week so far but yet its still coming out very very fast.

Just had a shower and my hair used to be quite thick and take ages to dry, now its almost dry and is unbelievably thin.

What can i do? :cry:
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Just give it time Tanya. It doesnt happen to everyone but it does happen to some people.

Mine was falling out quite severely when washing and brushing my hair and its only the last 3-4 weeks its eased off to normal hair loss.

It seems to be getting thicker and shinier now though.
Lots of hair falling out here too when I shower. I said it to my hairdreser and she said hair grows in cycles and not to worry it will all come back again . My hair def feels lighter too and like you I only spotted this about a few weeks after I finished TFR. I am not going to get alarmed unless I start seeing bald patches!!!!!!:wave_cry:


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Here we go again!
Hi Tanya. I've noticed my hair loss was quite scary up to now too. I think mine is starting to slow now though so not too worried about it. I was lucky that I started with very thick hair though, it does feel a bit thinner now.

I am taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin supplement and have been since the start of refeeding. Not sure if it helps though. I notice mine after a shower and the last few days the loss hasn't been as much. Hoping its getting back to normal.

It should right itself soon though surely, especially if you have a healthy, balanced diet.


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I finished TFR ages ago and have noticed in the last couple of weeks that my hair has been coming out loads when I shower or brush it. It never occurred to me that it could be connected to this diet though cos I didn't have any side effects at the time...
Hi Tanya, Yup, it's happenned to me too and my hair is very, very thin to start off with. I am going to get some vit.B suppliments as my Ma-in-law suggested it and she is all for natural remedies...neither she or my OH ever take prescription drugs, even paracetamol. I was suffering with really painful arthritis of the thumbs, especially suddenly on the left one. She suggested eating or drinking half an inch of fresh root tumeric (from Indian supermarkets) every day. I't been 3 weeks now and the improvement is TOTALLY BRILLIANT!!!


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hmm thanks guys. Think im guna have to invest in some vitamins or something :)


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Oooo Sharon I'll be trying the Tumeric remedy - My thumbs are dreadful - becoming REALLY debilitating ... can't wait to try it, just got to find an Indian Supermarket now :eek: .... what do you do with it? xx (no rude answers ;))
Hi Jan, the Indians call it comething other than tumeric....It looks like a smaller version of root ginger, but bright orangy-yellow inside. I bought a few ounces for £0.40p. You can either grate it in your food, or over a salad. Or what i do, is wizz it with a hand-blender in the last couple of fluid ounces in my OH's fruit smoothie. Watch out, cos it can stain. If you have false teeth, I suggest removing them before eating/drinking!!!!! I drink with a straw because I have a couple of white crowns that I dont want stained. I scrub my teeth and tongue afterwards, anyway. It really has relieved my pain, so it's really worth it. I have seen what taking long-term ibuprofen has done to people and I always feel the natural way is the best way, whenever possible. Hope you can find some soon.


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Thanks Sharon, I've found a shop that usually stock it & should have some in tomorrow. It's in Liverpool but they said it freezes so I don't mind going over for a 'batch'. Apparently it's £1.20 for 100gms, which they reckon should last a week. In the meantime DH found me some 'Haldi' which apparently is the ground root. I've had one 'dose' - I dissolved it in water and drank it - I have to say it was pretty digusting and I have a yellow tongue but if it works it'll be more than worth it. I've been getting pretty depressed about my thumbs lately. Neither ibuprofen nor paracetamol make a blind bit of difference :(

If this works you'll be my friend for life!!!!! xx

Best of luck with it Jan, I'm lucky that I live a stones throw from Ilford Lane, where there is nothing BUT Indian shops, butchers, curry houses, Sari shops and about a dozen supermarkets too!!!!! If you get probs, e-mail me. I'll give you my e-mail address at home as I have just been made redundant, so wont be using the works computer anymore.


maintaining since June'09
Oh 'eck - sorry to hear that Sharon :( Are you okay with it?

The shop in Liverpool didn't get it in :eek: so I've ordered some for next week. In the meantime I'll keep on with the Haldi. Just had my second dose .. it REALLY is disgusting - but hey ...... :eek:

I think I've got your email add haven't I? Isn't that where you sent the video of Vicki from? Might be wrong. Thanks for the offer though xxx

I've just realised the price I've been quoted is 3x what you pay!! PHHHHHHHHH!!!! ;) xx
Bumping this thread because even though it is ancient I think I have seen Summergurl posting around here still ?

My hair has been dropping out in CLUMPS over the last two weeks. Easily lost 50% of my hair and the loss is very noticable. I'm really stressed over it, so was hoping you could update me as to what happened to you after your hair loss a few years ago, and things that helped?

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