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Total Solution Extreme loss of energy

Hello folks,

Im new to this forum and it's my first try of a VLCD (Currently on Exante TS).

Today is day 5 and i'm finding that i have an extreme loss of energy. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same.
I'm not hungry in the slightest (having three shakes per day) it's just the total lack of energy.

If anyone can give me any tips that would be great. It would also be really helpful to hear from other fella's to see how they got on/getting on with the diet.

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Hiya I'm considering stating exante to lose the stone n half I've gained! So I'm no exante expert! I have however very successfully done cambridge diet also vlcd n lost 8 stone

So I believe that loss of energy to be totally normal n it's the tough bit you gotta ride out

People say it takes 3-7 days for your body to go into ketosis. It's true that usually by day 5 physical hunger subsides the head aches are going and ketones show in your urine = ketosis...... One of the good things about ketosis is the energy surge :) yay finally a positive lol

This doesn't usually come for me until some time in week two so in-between you feel exhausted it'd your body fighting your mind trying to get you to give it what it's used to! This really will pass but for me it's the worst bit even worse than the hunger in days 1-3 n it's all to easy to say "ah well I can't even get on with my normal day to day things it's the diet I better come off it" don't listen to that evil voice!!

In a few days you are going to start to feel really good ESP once you see your week 1 WI!

I always TRY to remind myself the whole ketosis cycle n getting into the groove if a vlcd takes a full 3 weeks for me week one to get rid of the hunger week two to start feeling energised again and week three to get used to those feelings and mentally craving food! In my opinion anybody that does 3 weeks 100% can carry on until the Finnish line

So some early nights for u n all will be fine :) p's make sure ur drinking plenty of water regular that dies miracles for your energy levels!


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Yep, thats totally normal, I find for me it lasts anything from 1 day to 3 days, then I feel fine again and energy levels go back up, just keep drinking the water as it really does help, get an early night if you can and your feel great in a few days.
Oh the lack of energy for me at first was awful. The hunger went by about day 3 but the lack of energy was making it hard for me to stay on track. I think it was by about day 6 I started to feel better with it, but definitely by day 8 and it's been fine ever since. I'm glad I stuck it out! I think some people can feel the boost in energy quicker than others... for me I think I'm one of the slower ones.
Thanks for your replies. I really do appreciate it. I'm glad to find that it is not just me who is having these crap lack of energy spells. I'm sticking with it though and I'll keep you updated.
i did lipotrim back in spring and i never got the energy kick that most people get.. i was knackered all the time lol. as long as you just listen to your body and take it easy you'll be golden :)


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well done tbert :) the energy does rise big time once you hit ketosis :) and once that energy comes there aint no stopping you doing anything


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HI Tom

Hope you are feeling better, I had 'energy less' days too - lots of early nights but as other have said it soon passes and you exhaust everyone around you with your energy surges. I did so much more once I was I the swing of it - but it did take me about two weeks to really feel human on 600 calories.

Thanks Kenshin112 and QSQ. I'm glad I didn't give up (surprised I have much will power). I've got another three weeks left but I'm enjoying the weight loss already. Best thing I've done in a while this!


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Hi Tom, well done sticking to it and on the weight loss this week. It was in the 2nd week i started feeling like i had alot more energy, i think my body thought it was dying till that point.
Thanks for your replies. I'm pleased to say no more energy loss at all and I'm feeling really good! I weighed myself on my 10th day and I'd lost 10 pounds. I'm so happy I made the decision to start the TS diet. I hope your diets are working for you and you're enjoying them!
If you ever need words of support give me a shout.



Been liberated by Exante!
Well done Tom! I am so pleased its working for you - it life changing stuff.


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