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Extrememly disheartened


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Hey all,

Went for my first weigh on today at 3pm and I lost.... 3 1/2 lbs!!!!!!! Come on.....I just couldn't believe it. :sigh:

According to my own scales this morning though first thing I had lost 7lb and I was really pleased.

My p's arrived last night and so I am feeling very hot and bothered and bloated today, could this be it?? But still, 3 freakin pounds!!!!!! I wanted to cry to be honest....:cry:

I asked her about taking my measurements but she says that gets done every 4 weeks, is that how you do it as well??

She also mentioned that she had just been informed that ppl on SS need to let their GP know that they are doing SS otherwise they need to go on SS+??!! She also said that going on SS+ doesnt mean a slower weight loss, but surely drinking milk or eating those foods must slow it down??

I am a very disheartened and confused bunny today. As soon as OH leaves the house I might cry....
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hey penpen dont be too down, becoz of ur p's u could well be retaining water. also had u drank a lot before weigh in? i can put on half a stone in a day just by drinking 4 litres of water. i always go from wot my scales say 1st thing in morning!
i'l leave the ss and gp thing to a counsellor as they will be more wise on the subject than i am!!! keep up the diet and plz dont cry. chin up babe xx


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Did you have your first weigh in at 3pm? On the same scales? Other than that, it must be your ps, can play havoc with your weigh-in, If you know you have stuck to it 100%, you will see the difference next week.

I always weigh in first thing in the morning too.

Lisa Marie

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It is annoying when you only have a small loss but you probably are retaining water if it's your TOTM. My cdc takes my measurements every week I really think this helps because if you do have a small loss seeing the inch loss keeps you motivated. Why not take your own measurements so you can see if you've lost inches too. Don't give up honey it really is a great diet and the pounds will fall off.


Just call me Anne x
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As the others have said, your weight will differ from first thing, and with period arriving.
Next week will be a dramatic one, just you wait x
Hiya penney, as the others has said it could be your period Give it until next week and see what happens. Dont get to down about it.

becky xx


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Hold on....she told me the wrong thing, unless I am going mad....

I was 12.9 3/4 last week when I started and today I was 12.3 1/2....that makes it roughly 6lb right??

I don't know stones too well, a kilo girl I am , so might just be wishful thinking. In that case she must have gotten the 3 1/2 loss from what I actually weigh if this makes any sense at all.....

Please tell me I am right :D
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Yep I make it just over 6lbs!! YEAH!

Gosh that was a bit of downer for you for her to make a mistake on!! At least you've got your groove back, well done on your loss :)


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Fantastic, well done! Shame she messed her sums up lol! xx


Must do it this time
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Well Done On The Loss Hun,and Just Want To Add That Im On Ss+ And It Has Made No Difference To My Losses At All,i Think Most People On Here Will Tell You That There Is About A 1-2lb Difference In Losses A Month So Thats Not Bad At All,and I Love To Have My Bit Of Chicken,
Elaine X

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