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Fab B choices!

Last night for supper I had 227g baked apple (2 apples) and 113g of stewed blackberries for my B choice and I just wanted to say what a fab B choice this was!
I've never had this before as a B and I had it with a big dollop of FF Fromage frais. It was absolutely lovely!

I have been having ryvita, bread or cereal as my B choice and just thought I'd have something a bit different. I know some people would have this as free but there was a lot of cooked fruit and I don't think I would have enjoyed eating 2 apples and a bowl of blackberries uncooked as I did cooked.

Just thought I'd share :D
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This is where i get confused as i'm doin slimming world alone. How come u aint had to syn the fruit? I know ya using it as a b choice but i dont get why its not synned. I'm so confused :( x
ooh now that is interesting ( I learn something everyday on here) I didn't know you could have cooked fruit as a B - I have to say that would be such a yummy pudding.
Thats sounds really good :) i really struggle with the B choices due to not being able to eat wheat so that would be a lovely idea for me. Thank you x
oooh didn't even know you could have cooked fruit as a B choice but sounds nice!

might be a silly Q but how and for how long did you cook them? never cooked fruit before lol!

I cored my apples and micro'd them for 4 mins then chopped them up, I cooked the blackberries in some water and sweetener for 5 mins (from frozen). Didn't take long at all hun. xx
oooh microwave i luv it thought they would have to go in the oven for ages!!

i am so off to buy some apples and blackberries later!! and just to double check - the 2 apples and blackberries together make one b choice yeh??

Yep ickelrockchick it's apples and blackberries. It's 227g apple which was 2 of the apples which I had, I used eating apples too goldentouch :)

I'm so pleased I picked a lot of blackberries in the summer and froze them!!

Hope you both enjoy it.
Yeah, i get that ya using it as a hex b. But you likened it to bread. With bread, you aint changing its natural form. Where as with the fruit, ya cooking it, and its releasing the sugar different to eating it which means u aint eating it in its natural state. Thats the bit i didnt get, i didnt make myself very clear. Sorry hun x
Can I ask a newbie question as well? am I right in thinking that uncooked, all fruit is free?

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