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Fabulous for 30 ;) <3

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Jade x x, 15 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Hi every1,

    Decided 2 start another new diary. With a new outlook and more motivation than ever before! Realising I'm going 2 b turning 28 nxt month & have now bn dieting for over 11years iv came to the conclusion the 'quick fix' that i have been searching for just doesn't exist! Hard work, perseverance, determination & planning is what it's going 2 take to get long term results! Iv gave myself the time scale off 2yrs (goal weight is 10st) as I will b 30 then & it's a big milestone (for me anyway) I'm sure it won't take all that time but if it does then I'll enjoy every part of the journey! So here I am embarking on my slimming world journey.......hope u enjoy reading my diary <3

    NOTE TO SELF: There will be times when u want to give up, that's when it's most important to keep going.....your worth this!!
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  3. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    15th May - Day 1

    Breakfast - 3 bacon medallions (F) scrambled egg (F) spaghetti (F) mushrooms (SF) tomato (SF) 100ml skimmed milk (1.5 SYNS) 1 teaspoon lurpak lightest (1 SYN)

    Lunch - 2 (F) 2 slice wholemeal bread (HEXB) 30g cheese (HEXA) salad (SF) 1 tablespoon 30% salad cream (2 SYNS) Peppermint tea (F) apple (SF)

    Dinner - salmon fillets (F) boiled potatoes (F) broccoli stems (SF) asparagus (SF) tablespoon sweetcorn (F) Peppermint tea (F)

    Snack - Ripple (9 SYNS)



    Last edited: 15 May 2014
  4. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    OOh, that looks lovely
  5. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    It was so yummy! :)

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