Fabulous results on Cambridge by Slimmer of the Year

Discussion in 'Media News' started by Dancing, 6 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Click this link to read the full story in the Daily Mail

    Morbidly obese mother Cacia Griggs from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, shamed into losing EIGHT STONE after bedtime story disaster | Mail Online

    • Cacia Griggs, 26, from Peterborough, weighed 18 stone and was size 24
    • Snapped daughter Isabelle's bed while reading bedtime story
    • Couldn't fit seat-belt around her on aeroplane
    • Married her fiance Chris in November in her perfect size 10 dress
    • Crowned Slimmer of The Year through Cambridge Weight Plan
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  3. RedRevolver

    RedRevolver Full Member

    I hate the Daily Mail so much - the guy writing the top comment really does deserve a smack.

    Irrespective of that though, well done to her - she did look beautiful beforehand, but I'm sure she's feeling much healthier now.
  4. Bella Rose

    Bella Rose Full Member

    theres always gonna be the grumpy people who will say negative stuff.... will put it all back on ...etc etc
    and they will say that whether you are fat or slim... pretty or ugly ... old or young. That alone should be key to taking a long hard look in the mirror, working out what you should weigh and then doing something about it. You are doing because YOU want to and not because of what other people say, whether you agree with them or not they are simply 'not nice people'
    The trigger to finally do something will always start with you and you will be the one to benefit. Everything else is yesterdays news

    stick to it girls, we are doing for ourselves !!! xxx
  5. Mamarose

    Mamarose New Member

    well done, am new to minimins/cd. How long has it taken you to lose the weights? what motivates you when you feel hungry, the soups/porridge/shakes/bars are yummy but its way too long between the meals, especially in the afternoon/early evening just before bed? please help, i too have 7-8 stones to lose by end October.
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hi mamarose. all the best with your weightloss. I hope you have found the CD forum on here and some people who can help keep you focussed each day.

    Good luck
  7. keikoamaya

    keikoamaya Full Member

    Wow how gorgeous does she look in that wedding dress! Good for her, and screw all the negativity, those people are obviously lacking something in their lives! Go weight-losers!!!!!

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