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:cry::cry::cry::cry:i have hair on upper lip....im cringing as i write this...i was bullied and bullied at school and now am so embarrassed about it i dont knwo what to do. i blame my folks..italian thru and thru...thick dark curly hair..the works!
i realy dont knOW what to do....afraid i used a razor when i was about 13 as got so upset my bullying and have done ever since..im now 32. i want to go for electolyisis but havnet even got the guts to find out about it ...as what if the hair has to be a certain length?? i couldnt do that...i cant even look at my boyfriend without makeup on...i hve to be firt to bathroom...its awful...please can someone help me? is there a home treatment? Are their any creams available? i cant carry on like this...i feel abnormal. i really dont think i could go into a salon.......i feel like a bloke...totoally unfeminine.... :( :wave_cry::cry::cry:
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I have my top lip and my chin waxed..... you would have to 'grow' the hairs a little but not too long.....

Alternatively you can use immac - make sure it's the one specifically designed for facial hair - this will remove it but do a patch test first as I used it years ago and if I didn't put baby lotion on first I'd 'burn' my face......

Good luck - I know what you mean about being self-consious and I confess I have on occasion shaved too....:eek:


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I use nair. Use it only for the minimum time to begin with (if that), until you get used to it. Then use moisturiser.


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I waxed my upper lip for the first time last week and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be! I used the Veet strips for bikini line and face etc, you just cut them to size. It even gets the tiny little hairs and I wasn't left with redness like I thought I would be. Usually I just bleach it but I've been having to do it so often I got fed up with it!


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One of my daughters is very hairy. Face, sides of face, neck. It just means she has to spend a bit longer in the bathroom each morning. Sometimes she shaves, sometimes she uses cream. She hates it of course...but that's life! I hate my nose. Worse things in the world to worry about than a bit of excess hair. I know this sounds a bit harsh on re-reading but it's easy to let these things take over your life and wreck your confidence. Everyone has something to deal with. There are lots of good creams available now. Go and browse the aisles in Tesco! Good luck. x


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i have to wax my upper lip bout every 6 weeks, get quite dark hairs on it. OH keeps me going bout my tash, lovely man that he is. as soon as the strip comes off it hurts a bit, but by the time ur off the table, its fine! just a bit red! i shaved a few times before, but would never go back to it now.


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Last weekend I used veet wax strips on my upper lip. It hurt alot but briefly. BUT, over the next few days lots of little white pimples came up, so I have a dried up scabby area to each side of my upper lip. Not a good look. I cleansed before hand, and afterwards. But looking at the other posts, no one else has had this problem. 1st and last time for me anyway!

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I use Nair - only takes about 5 mins and I do it every other week whilst I'm in the bath. Mine are very fair, but when you've got foundation on it can cling and make it look worse - so I do it anyway. Don't be embarrassed - everyone has hair on their upperlip. You can bet your life that every model has theirs waxed/removed!!
thank you everyone....im feelinf a bit happier,,,i thought i was the only one! a few of you have mentioned Nair? can i get this is Boots? will it work on dark hair ..and do you have to have a 'bit of growth' ...godddd now im cringing...thanks all you guys tho xxxx

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I use Nair about once every two weeks or once a month. Its a cream, you put it on, then wipe it off (and the hairs wipe off too). You should be hair free for a couple of weeks and it didn't leave a red mark either (although I always do it at night so if there is any problem it has all night to go down!). I get mine from Tesco, but most places do it - make sure you get one for facial hair - anything else will be too strong! Use for minimum time first, then leave it longer next time if it doesn't get it all off.


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My daughter uses Jolen cream to bleach hers. It is easy to use and works quite well. It was recommended by the doctor so is quite safe. Probably worth a go before trying anything more painful!


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Try threading

Try threading. It doesn't pull on the skin like waxing done and is great for shaping eyebrow. There are lots of places in London that do it. Urban Retreat in Harrods, Fenwicks Brow Bar, Selfridges. Many Indian and Middle Eastern women use it. I'm in the North or England and finally 10 years later it is available here. If I don't manage to get an appointment with my threading lady I then use the Veet facial strips as lotion removers like Nair sting my face. You are not alone!
By the way there is also a product called epicure (try google) you can order on line, for the upper lip which is like self threading.


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right first of all stop shaving and start bleaching with jolean facial bleach so as the hair comes through its blonde and less noticeable...thats what i do...now u can get it waxed once it comes in properly which i think is the best idea but defo get some facial bleach and make sure you leave it on for bout 15mins so it goes really blonde!!!!!!i do mine in the bath !!!!!me and my husband laugh bout mine....xxxx it keeps my lip warm in the winter..
Heck never be embarassed about your hair. Sometimes I feel more monkey than woman with the amount of excess hair I have!!! and lots on my face and chin. One of the things I was hoping for was that with my weight loss the hair would lessen as well. So far no difference but when I'm finally at my goal I'm off to have it removed by laser or electrolisis.

Monkey lady no more :)


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So have you used the Nair yet? If you're using the cream it doesn't have to be a certain length, just enough to show really.
I used it for years to get rid of my little lady-tache, after a few years of doing this it doesn't grow back hardly at all, so now I can pluck out the few remaining ones with tweezers.

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