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Fallen angel


Here we go again!
I think the more you have to lose the more you lose that first week. From your stats you don't have that much to lose compared to some so I think 7lbs for you is fantastic.

Please don't be disappointed by it. You have lost 1/2 stone in a week. What other diet could you do that on?

Stick with the diet, drink plenty of water and don't worry about feeling tempted by food, as long as you don't eat any you will carry on losing the weight.

Stay positive, you can do this!


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MiniB has already said, dont be disheartened ......it is the larger ladies who have 20 odd stone to lose that have the big losses, my first try at lipotrim I lost 1 st 7lbs in my first week......this time round it was 8 or 9 lbs....lol....cant even remember.....but I was so pleased as it is fat coming off.......
Good luck and be strong xx
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Sonkie and minib are right in what they say, I think in some cases its the pharmasist to blame they raise your expectations by telling you that you can loose up to a stone the first week, I was gutted on my first weigh in when I had only lost 5lb. Half a stone is great dont be dissapointed with it, its a great start, a word of warning though lipotrim can play havoc with your periods, I've had two in has many weeks and it reallyaffected my weigh in last week (only a 1lb off) it really knocks you for six when that happens, so expect it ( although it may not happen for you) if you look at everyone else's losses you'll find the average is a stone a month, and thats great. Good luck and if you have any questions you'll allways find the answer here.


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7lbs is fantastic - and remember that's off - not on! If you ever want to know what 1lb of fat looks like Google "1lb of fat" and look at the pictures. Then realise you've lost 7 times that amount!

Keep up the excellent work! xxx


Back on the diet train...
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hey 7lb in your first week is fab!!! :D remember the 1st week is water loss not fat so it depends on how much water you hold. next week will be fat.

also i notice you only have 25lb to lose anyway so that will slow weight loss. those who get big losses usually have alot of weight to lose.

chin up and see how next week goes. dont give into cravings hun, the body is clever and wants you to eat so it keeps its fat stores. drown that little voice with your water!! :p:D



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you are doing very well
thanks for words of encouragement they helped me get through this week, especially yesterday I was very hungry dont know why
well weigh in tomorrow hope I will be down another 4 lbs as you say a loss is great


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Lost another 4 lbs. Seems like torture just to loose 4 lbs but At least you are guaranteed a weight loss each week
Week 1 -7lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs

Next goal to loose 4 lbs again this week
how are you all doing


Here we go again!
Well done Carlos, 4lbs loss is great!

Another 4lbs next week and you will have your first stone. Good luck!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Carlos, you must have patience!! 4lbs is a fab loss and if you lost that every week you will be at goal in no time. No other diet other than TFR will give such reliable losses each week. You are on the right path, just stay strong!
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Well done Carlos, its all coming off which is good. Thats two bags of sugar!!!

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