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Fallen off the wagon again!!!

S: 15st3lb G: 12st0lb
Hey there - I've been doing this for one week too. Use your clothes not fitting as motivation to keep going, set yourself mini goals and take it a day at a time.

I'm no expert by any means but I've really needed something sweet I've eaten sugar free jelly I quite like it

My first goal was to get to first weigh In and I've done that which has motivated me to stick at it :)

Also read these forums - they really are a great help

Get up, dust ya self off and start again :)
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I would say stick at it ... It has taken me three months to lose half stone ..!!!! I was about to give up .. I only ever lost 1lb or half lb... Then all of a sudden I lost 5 lb in a week .... Plateaud again now ... Been same weight for three weeks :-( but I'm hoping same thing will happen and all of a sudden my body will catch up :)

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Don't give up. By giving up means you let the mirror win! Slow and steady is fine, try not to think of it as a diet.. I have about half my body weight to lose, so far I've lost 4stone in a year, overnight miracles don't exist. Try to embrace little changes like cook a new low pp recipe a week. I read a quote that is so very true - "nothing ever worth having in life comes easy"
I'm a yoyo dieter,very negative outlook,panicy.. but I'm using this as am opportunity to change that. Still with it, there are lots of us here that understand your frustration and are rooting for you! Good luck x

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Hi Saz - I panic over the smallest thing! I have a chocolate bar (only a milky way!! Only 3 points!!) and go into a full-out crisis that all my weight is going to pile on and then give up for the day! DISASTER!
I try not to look in mirrors - I try to use the physical feel of my body to help me. Since starting WW and snacking on more fruit and veg and such, I've found that actually, I do think I feel slightly slimmer - Probably a small dose of not retaining water and such and a large dose of hallucination, but it saves me mentality a little!

We can do this!!
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Hi saz, I know exactly how u feel. I am 38 have been on a diet for 22 years. I've seen my weight go up and down by stones on several occasions and each time ive put the weight back on I feel horrible. I have learned that my main problem is I want to see results very quickly or I think it's not worth carrying on. Had lots of therapy which has helped me to take it one day at a time. Try to be conscious of how u feel after u have gone off the rails and what caused it. I also keep a diary and write a few notes of how I have felt throughout the day. Doing this has helped me identify hotspots for myself and then u can plan to avoid them. Remember u r beautiful and we all deserve to b happy. It is ur choice whether you want to diet or not and if u choose to have choc eat it and njoy it but don't have it again the following day. I have a long long way to go but am trying to be focused and remind myself every day that I will never see the number on the scales at that figure again!! I promise we can do it. Phew!! Rant over!! Big cuddles 2 u xx
Thank u all for your messages. The trouble is my fiancé loves me the way I am and he said I don't need to lose weight. The thing is though I want to and need to but when I'm with him I always end up eating what he does and then end up feeling guilty next day when no clothes fit or look gd.

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S: 12st11lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.47%)
Saz - I know that guilt all to well! My OH is the same, "Oh you're beautiful, you don't need to lose it" and although he is attempting to lose too, his is calorie counting and he doesn't get that WW isn't the same and end up overeating.

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