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  1. Jada

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    Well I've been on Weight Watchers for 11 weeks and so far out of the last 5 weeks I've put on 2kgs and haven't lost any.

    My problem is that I'm not counting my points and I'm eating anything I want too. The motivation for weight loss has gone out the window and I'm thinking will I stay this size forever.

    I have a problem with drinking wine, my life is quite boring so in the first 4 weeks that's all I did was drink wine instead of walking which left me hungry for fatty foods the next day which I went out and bought.

    So last week I decided not to buy a cask of wine and that was fine until I went into the botte store on Saturday ended up buying bottles of wine that day and Sunday because I was stressed.

    Didn't go into to get weighed tonight because I was the same weight as last week.

    The thing is is that I lack motivation, I'm the type of person for short term goals and this one is too long to look forward to.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. Dubs

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    I have exactly the same problem! It gets to 6'o'clock at night and the thought of a nice glass of wine is just soooooo tempting!!
    I started CD SS three weeks ago today and I have stuck to it, with no cheating and no wine AT ALL!!! ....until Sat night!
    I lost 5.5lbs in week 1, 6.5lbs in week 2 and I lost 3lbs today week 3
    that's 1 stone 1lb in three weeks....I am so happy!!
    Back to Sat!!! I just fancied a little treat, so I found a very very small glass and poured myself a nice glass of wine.....it was fantastic!!! I had two more small glasses and really enjoyed my evening. I did fancy a nibble so kept to proteins and had a boiled egg and a slice of cheese.
    Remarkably I was still in ketosis the next morning and am back on the diet feeling much more motivated!! The best thing was that I still lost weight today!
    I don't know if it was luck or a one off or that I stuck to proteins, I did think the wine would throw me out of ketosis, but it didn't????? If anyone knows why this is I would be very interested.
    Anyway that's my story with wine.... I do miss it, but I think the odd treat maybe does you good.....Just think how great it will be to sip wine on a nice hot sunny day and be nice and slim!!! Resist it now and you will be able to!!!!
    Good Luck!
  4. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    :sigh:It's a really bummer when this happens. You risk putting back on all the weight you have lost and getting back to square one. This has happened to me many times:( and the worst thing is, I end up (usually) weighing even more than I did when I started the blooming diet:eek:.

    Back in Jan I started with WW too. I decided use a notebook to write down every point spent, and weigh every item even tomato sauce, and try to regain control again. I was allowed 26 points at first, and this was a lot to spend. It took a while to learn to plan everything and I had to be organised.

    I got the Shopping booklet and the Eating Out booklet and also the little points calculator. I take it everywhere when out shopping and point everything I fancy. The Eating Out booklet is very helpful, and means I can eat what I fancy as long as I have the points available.

    There are certain foods which I still steer clear of. I have a weird sort of "all or nothing" attitude to them so it's not worth even having one at the moment. It's like "one is too many, 100 isn't enough". Does that make sense?

    Part of this is habit, a very bit part is habit, I think. When a particular button is pressed then a particular action happens. I have to consciously work to stop this happening. It is usually hard to resist the urge:confused:.

    The hardest thing is to actually address the problem. I want to act on the urge to eat 'whatever', and switch off the thoughts which say "don't do this, you don't need it". Who cares, I want it, I want it now - is sometimes the response.

    Interestingly, recently I found a box of chocs in a cupboard, they were out of date, but I ate them anyway. At one point I didn't even enjoy them, but finished the box. I got back on track after that and drew a line under the incident. In the past I would have given up altogether. So, that was a good result:).

    The next time I had one of those moments, I did not give in. I thought about getting through the evening (it is always the evenings, isn't it:(), and staying strong. It is a perculiar feeling, Jada, this urge or need to give in to the habit of eating something or drinking something when not even 'hungry'. It is not about hunger at all. It makes me feel uncomfortable, like having a really irritating itch which I cannot scratch and drives me mad. I sometimes feel jittery, can't keep still, empty (but not hungry), angry. Does any of this make sense?

    The thing is, if I can get through the evening without giving in, I feel great the next day. I don't have that terrible regret to deal with, and looking back, I wonder what all the fuss was about.

    I have realised that if I really want to get back to a normal weight again, I have to work at it all the time, expect to feel uncomfortable sometimes, and accept that I can't always have everything I want without their being unpleasant consequences - it's a hard lesson to learn:sigh:.

    I suppose my main advice would be to plan your daily menus, point EVERYTHING, weigh EVERYTHING, and try to still within the daily points. Eventually, you will start to create new and better habits and hopefully still be able to eat and drink the things you like, but in moderation.

    Until someone invents a pill to make us all size 10s:D, there is no other way.

    Ramble finished:rolleyes:.

  5. Hopez

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    Wow AJ that was awesome! I can fully relate to the "one is too many, 100 isn't enough" - thats me all over, there are somethings I just wont go near! :cool:
  6. Jada

    Jada Member

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    Yes you've given me ideas Amanda Jayne, the one is too many and 100 not enough is exactly me, also I'm very good at giving in, probably because for years I've indulged my whims and now when it counts I take no heed.

    I think I need to learn the word 'No', I never tell myself no regarding anything in my life and now it just seems like I've got into a bad habit.
    I've just started a diary where I'm writing my feelings down in them to pinpoint what's really going on, sort of trying to find the weed so I can take it away if you know what I mean.

    A lot of it is to do with having not much to do and I am simply bored, food just gives me a good feeling for a while so there within lies a clue.
  7. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    I reckon you are going to be ok, Jada. Just be brave and practice thinking like a slim person, then one day, you will be:D.

  8. Jada

    Jada Member

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    Well I got back on track today and I felt like a kebab which is about 10 points since tonight is take away night but for some reason I thought I'm on a budget meaning points and I need to stick to them, so I tallied up my points for the day and only had 7.25 points left, so I decided I might as well start now and said No to going out for dinner, went across the road to the supermarket and bought a weight watchers dinner.

    Usually I walk with Mum for about an hour but she didn't feel like going so off I went, until further down the road I said to myself how about I go to the end and turn back which would have meant a half an hour walk instead of an hour. Well tempting as it was I didn't give in.

    So all I need to do is keep this up everday hopefully it works.

    Wrote in my food diary tonight because I had an urge to go out and buy fast food and binge, trying to figure out what's that about but I have no idea.

    Well this is Day 1 for me hope it keeps lasting.
  9. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Wow, Jada!

    That is a great start. You said 'NO' to yourself and took control.

    Tomorrow morning you will feel great that you didn't have that kebab. Next week when it is take-away night, you will have saved up enough points to have your kebab and enjoy it:D. Hopefully you will also have saved enough for some wine too:eek:.

    I think that this is why I like ww. You don't have to deny yourself anything, just learn to monitor your intake and recognise that there is a consequence to eating too much all the time. I usually save up points for weekends or special events and that way I can relax and enjoy them without guilt.

    Well done on your first day!

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