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Families! Who'd have them?


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Having recovered from my cold extremely quickly, I went to my Mam and Dad's earlier. They don't know I'm dieting cos I'd get the talk from an overweight mother that its all about exercise (she knows best about everything in the world apperently :banghead:).
My main problem from this morning is that I get so tense around them that it makes me want to eat. Admittedly I am a comfort eater, and didn't have the best upbringing with them and today they argued over pettyness. I escaped early due to this. I just wanted to post as I have been doing really well. I haven't binged I thought I'd turn here first then maybe go for a little walk soon and let off some steam. I can't go into everything here as its not fair and people have their own problems, just wanted to vent and maybe hear what other people do to let off steam without turning to food.
Hope everyone is having a great day in this lovely sunshine
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I can identify with you so much- my family are the same. My mum goes on about 'looks' and 'weight'. She too is overweight and goes to the gym and tells myself and my sister that it's all about the gym.

Both my sister and myself comfort eat after seeing her. (She was so embarrassed about my sister that she kept telling her so and wrongly 'pushed' her in to having an unecessary gastric bypass - she would slim down, mum wouldn't be embarrassed and my sister did it to keep her happy - now my sister has bigger issues!) I have an underactive thyroid-poorly controlled symptoms. I find it a nightmare to lose weight... unlike my mum (and now sister who is losing it very quickly).

Like you, I find it really difficult to visit there. (For me, it's like knowingly going in to a petty and abusive environment where my mum is always right.... lol)

I think that I knowingly eat after my mum. I sort of ask myself what I am trying to 'fill', and what feelings I am trying to 'stuff'. Then I eat less. I still do it, but usually set a reasonable limit- or stuff low calorie tasty things :)

I am with you on this- big time :)xx


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Thanks Sam. I think Ive let off a bit of steam by just writing that. Some parents have no idea what they do to their kids, even when confronted with the truth she denies anythings like that happened. I am now in therapy (she's off this week hence my pent up frustration) but I can see that she is shocked by many of the things I say, and I bet she hears some corkers!
Being on here has really helped I have just been looking at some of the quotes and one that I thought was apt was "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" by Elenor Roosevelt. Another one that I just thought was funny was "If at first you don't succeed remove all evidence that you tried" by David Brent on the Office. Made me think of all the diets that Ive cheated on and pushing the wrappers to the bottom of the bin! None of that today though. Being on here and your response has cheered me up, Thanks


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Hi Cokes,
this is a perfect place to let off steam - so please use as necessary! I think many of us on the board would say it's all about head - so the key is to find the tricks that work for you.

My main one is to try & differentiate between hunger & just wanting to chew something (usually boredom for me). As my DD says - my mouth is all plain & boring:eek: Best trick for me so far is to have a large glass of water if I think I'm hungry - usually clear then which of the 2 it is. If I really need to chew something - then I forgive myself but find something legal!

Good luck & keep going


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I told my mum I was doing atkins, which was fine. We went out for lunch and I said I was going to have an omelette and salad ... her reply was - 'why don't you have a baked potato? There are no carbs in that'

Enough said ...



This is for life
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