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Family Concerns


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I haven't posted for a week or so because I haven't been on t'internet due to builders being in. I had to go for last week's weigh-in two days early because I couldn't make Wednesday (my usual day) and I'd only lost 1lb.

Anyway, I was at my daughter's last week and she was startled by my weight loss. She wants me to come off the diet because she thinks it's affected me mentally; she told her dad that she thought I wasn't "all there" when I was visiting her:confused:. So now I have one of my daughters and my ex-hubby telling me they think I should come off LT and start healthy eating.

The trouble is, I find their suggestion really tempting. I still have about 1.5 stone to lose and I had intended to come off once I get to 11 stone or the end of May.

Since I started the diet all my original goals have been changed; I was going to get to 10 stone and changed it to 11; now I'm thinking of getting to 12 stone and trying to lose the final stone through maintenance and healthy eating. It's been a slog and I don't want to chuck it all away just for the sake of a few weeks and earache from my family.

Any suggestions?
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lisa its your decision and only you can make it ,it is possible to lose on maintenance and most people lose on the refeed ,you have to do whats right for you and you alone ,we will all support you no matter what you decide xx


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Thanks, Lillie. I'm going to talk it over with the pharmacist on Wednesday and see what she suggests, although I'm rather cynical and think they want to keep us on LT for the money.


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At the end of the day you have to do whats right for you.... Do a SWAT anaylisis and work out all the pro and cons of each one
Just make sure it's right for you xx


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not if you have a good pharmasist mine says he wants me to stop at 11and a half but i want to get to 11 it will all turn out ok in the end hun ,big hugs lillie xx
you have put in a lot of effort and also willpower into this. whatever you decide make sure it is your decision and not anyone elses. As for your daughter all i can say is are you sounding happy and cheerfull about your weight loss and it comes across as though you are not all there? talk to your daughter and ask what gives her the impression that somethings wrong. i know with my friend there is a bit of jealousy there at the moment as she feels that i steal the limelight at work at the moment with lipotrim and her doing weight watchers just cos you can see physically so much quicker with lipotrim.


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Dont be bullied into anything you dont want to do sweetie. You shouldn't roll over so fast just because they want you to come off it, you had a goal remember! :) I'd say to hell with it if I were you and stick to your original plan..... BUT..... your family know you inside out, and if it is genuine concen, and they are right about your personality changing (do you think it has?) Then maybe meet them half way....
Good luck whatever you decide xxxxx
Its your call Missy,, nice to hear from you again, i wondered where you had gone, glad your well. Everyone is saying to me you are your old daft self again. Your family are only naturally and rightly so looking out for ya, and thats nice but ultimatley its up to you, so good luck xx
I don't think my personality has changed. I explained to my ex that when I was there, the whole family was eating (I'd actually gone there for a shower because of the work being done in my house) so that's why I was being quiet. Plus I had a problem that was bothering me and I was deciding what to do about it. It's difficult being chatty when you're on this diet and everyone else is eating a fabulous meal.
I agree with Garry honey it sounds like your family and looking out for you, maybe have a good talk with them to see where they are coming from! I would find out what your daughter means by not all there, maybe you seem very lethargic etc. It is def your decision though hun but as the others said you may stil lose on refeed and maintenance xxx


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hey Lisa, as everyone else has said, its something for you to consider, after all it is YOUR body. Families always are concerned (sometimes a little too much) but its good to know that people care... perhaps explain to your daughter the reasons why you started LT and how you felt then and how you feel now and perhaps it will make it clearer to her and put her mind at ease.

Best of luck whatever you decide!xx
Hey hun,
Ofcourse your personality has changed - it's bound to. It's gonna take time to re-adjust for both you and your family. When we lose weight we gain in confidence and self esteem, our priorities change, we don't need to hide as much anymore or compesate for our weight with humour etc. Being on such an extreme diet as this can cause depression - I don't know about you but I used to food to handle everything and now it's been taken away I have to re evaluate life and my coping skills - that's gonna take time. People close to us can feel threatened by these changes in our personality and behaviour but for you it can be a journey of self discovery - to find the real and happy you.

At the end of the day I feel we should stop when we feel and happy and satisfied with our new weight. Only you can know that honey - do what feels right for your body. Have you changed your weight goals because of family pressure or for yourself? You'll know when it feels right babes xxxx
Look its ur choice.Sometimes its those around us who are fearful of change as well.Sometimes I think some of my friends like having a fat friend , I always put myself down about my weight and I've stopped doing it now also no competition etc with a fat person cause they are insecure already, and it makes them feel secure.I've noticed a lot of head shaking and negative comments about my weight loss and lipotrim and to be honest I'm surprised by it.People were telling me for the last 5 years I should slim down but if you don't slog it out at one pound a week some people think youre cheating and are jealous of an easy option.Although lipo is hardly easy. Anyway, back to the point. You need to decide if you are ready to come off and face the world again,or whether to get rid of all excess weight first,do what you feel is right for you!!Michellex
Thanks all for your great words of wisdom.

I've decided to stay on TFR for four more weeks and then start refeed. I've lost another 5lbs this week. I've spoken to my daughter and while she doesn't agree with my decision, she has to accept it. I'm not ill. I've had no back pain. I'm in the middle of having work done on my house and I need to redecorate. Apart from all this, I feel fabulous. I told her the reason I was quiet; it was because I had a job interview the next morning and I wasn't sure about whether or not I should go (I didn't and I regret it now).

So, my decision is made. Four more weeks and then I start refeed.


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Well good on you for sticking to your guns :) I'm sure your family will see that you'll be a happier person, when you have achieved your goal.... and with regards to the interview.... all things happen for a reason....something else will come round the corner and you'll say, well thank god I didn't get that job!!!!!!!! :D Good luck with your last month :D xxx
5lb, great loss well done!