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Family diet advice needed

Hi, we are new on here.
We had taken the decision to go on a diet and do it from home rather than the normal Slimming World classes that we used to attend. We are thinking about possibly doing it by calorie counting.
The main problem we have is our ten year old daughter, who probably doesn't get as much exercise as she should. This day and age, with computers and multiple channel tv and games etc does play out like we used to when all we had was 3 tv channels. I know she's conscious of have a bit of a belly on her and is worried in case people as school call her names. We would like her to lose weight but at the same time do it so she doesn't become obsessed with her weight. I know she gets upset when there's clothes she can't have because of her belly. She's quite tall for a ten year old. She's fine in every way apart from her belly.
Can anyone help with advice about how to help her without it becoming an obsession but at the same time pointing out the health benefits.
Many thanks
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Personally i would put a time limit on how much time she can spend each day on the computer/games etc and encourage her to be more active rather than focus on the food. Show her that exercise can be fun by doing activities like dancing, ice-skating or cycling together. And of course give her a good role model by eating healthily yourself and not making negative remarks about your body/weight when she is around.
Thanks for that. Sorry I should of said, she does a 2 hour dance class each week and her normal p.e and swimming at school.
That's good point you make about not making negative remarks about our own weights
my friends children get points for certain things like chores. even for eating thier veg (which they hate) and then they can spend thier points on time on the telly or what ever.


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Maybe you could start doing more outdoor activities as a family such as swimming or finding nice places to walk. Also do you have a Nintendo Wii? I know it is a computer game but Just Dance is a really fun game to play so you dont realise you are also burning some calories! the Wii Fit is also fun to play!
I agree with the other posters. Family activities together and limiting time on tv/computer are good. As is watching what you say about your own weight around her - my mum was often commenting about her weight when I was a child and I feel it has affected how critical I am of myself. You want to give her a good, positive self image, so dont let her know that you are on a 'diet' as such because she will become more aware of her belly etc.

I would also say that you are in control of what she eats most of the time. So prepare healthy dinners and breakfasts for her at home, give her a healthy packed lunch to take to school and stop (if you do) buying chocolate/crisps etc that she can dip into at home. If she has only got a choice of fruit/low fat yoghurt to snack on rather than junk she should notice a reduction in her weight.

I hope it goes well for you and your family, as I really think its important to give children the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight when they are young and encouraging a positive attitude to food/body image to discourage problems from occuring later in life.

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