Family get together - Pete style!


Yup, so tonight I had all of my Dad's side of the family over and ended up getting in a pic of all my cousins, my bro and me (my aunts and uncles wouldn't fit in the picture too! :p )

That's nothing special really - what is, is the fact that it's the first "family" photo EVER that I have actually liked myself in!
(except the slight blurryness of the photo... I blame my Mother's shaky hands :rolleyes: )

So had to post it and spread my smiles all over the board :) and yes, they are ALL my cousins (from the smaller side of the family, no less.... I have a big, big family! lol)
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Pete, if you are anything like me looking at my pics this Xmas (first time in years I let myself be on any!) I was amazed at how 'normal' I looked next to everyone!!

Looking good Pete!! Love your confident smile!


thanks :) though I have noticed, I still automatically tilt my head back a bit so as to try and "stretch" my neck from where I used to have 3 lol

have to remember not to do that! :p


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Awww, that's such a lovely photo and you look so happy and confident!

Louale x


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That is such a beautiful picture (blurryness or not lol). You look amazing Pete.


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Thats a lovely photo!! You are looking so good!! Well done you.


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Oeh, you're really handsome and that smile on your face makes it even better!! <3

Lovely picture, your family looks like a great bunch of people :)


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Nice one Pete!!

I know what you mean about your neck - I am forever holding my head back. Or was. But, still have to - bloody loose skin - I look like a turkey!!! :D

Love th photo anyway - must be fun to have so many cousins!!