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family meal but they dont know im doing this diet


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day after tomorrow is a family party and we usually order a massive takeaway - indian, chinese or pizza loads of different dishes etc and we all sit and help ourselves to whatever - plus alcohol and coke and stuff.

I don't want to tell anyone about this diet because of the usual negetive comments, and we'll be going there at dinner time, picking OH up straight from work so they know we wont have eaten - how can I sit there with only water without them either thinking somethings up, or being offended?

I can't really chose a 'healthy option' with this sorts of meals - especially as I'm so fussy - i love noodles, rice pizza etc - everything thats full of calories and carbs! besides i want to stay 100% still!

Any ideas? :confused:
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Tell them you've got a urine infection and the antibiotics are making you feel sick!
Worth a try?!
I have the same trouble. Only my mum and OH know my in laws and my sisters are negative. Making out you're ill is a good idea.
Id own up and tell them. They can be negative and tell you its a bad diet etc etc but at the end of the meal they'll be the ones left bloated and feeling sick as pigs lol xx
Why is it people are negative? My doctor was so against this diet. I must admit though before I looked into vlcds I was negative. But it's safe so I can't see what people go on about. Other doctors encourage their patients to do vlcds :confused:
My doctor was concerned not about me goin on this diet but about the set up of it. Being only online although it does advise certain people not to do it, there is no way to stop people buying the shakes etc when it could maybe be dangerous for them in particular, but u could say the same about shops that sell meal replacement products. Were not stupid people, weve researched it before we started it, and other people being negative i find insulting, because most o them have NO idea lol xx


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I went to a 'do' last night and drank lots of water, - nobody noticed. I pushed the food around my plate and ate none of it. Put a serviette over the meal and pushed it away. As everyone got more drunk - no-one noticed. I just said - 'Oh it was lovely - had enough now'. No-one knows, its great. When I came back I felt so good. I am brilliant to do this! Well done me....

This diet is safe! NICE approves it, especially if you have more than a few pounds to lose. Just follow the rules, add a meal and it works. Some GPs just don't understand and can't be bothered to look up the advice to GPs - its on the DoH web site. So don't be put off - its for you not everyone or anyone else.

Good luck.

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