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  1. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    I find it really difficult when making family meals such as spag bol. or chicken stew like yesterday, Its just so difficult to estimate how many calories are in the whole meal let alone mine!!

    Any suggestions!! i just try and have a small portion.
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  3. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

    My way is a bit of a pain to do but once you're used to it it's not so bad.

    i tend to make big batches of things such as chilli, thai curry etc, then freeze them in portions. i calculate the amount of calories in the whole batch, which i then weigh (you can either weigh the whole pan inc the pan and subtract the amount the pan weighs afterwards or pour the whole lot into a separate bowl that's already on the scales at zero) from this i can work out how many calories there are in 100g.

    i can then weigh out a portion size that gives me the amount of calories i want for that meal. i tend to freeze batches in 350 cal portions, so i don't get confused, then i can add veg/rice cals on afterwards.

    i know it's a bit long winded, but it's the only way i could think of how to do it so i know exactly!

    hope it helps a little :)
  4. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    I weigh absolutely everything! Even my cereal in the morning!

    When making a big batch of something, I weigh out all the individual ingredients, then work out how much we're each having, then put it into the online calorie counter I'm using. Then once I've worked out the cals in the individual ingredients I total it up.
  5. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    Thanks Rhuba,

    Yes i think need to get more organized, its probably not to bad with the chicken stew as it is mainly veg and chicken.

    But the spagbol has sauces and extra's in it, maybe i should do my separately in a little pan.

    thanks hon. x
  6. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    Yes thats a good idea, lou. Sorry i did not see your post until i had posted back to rhuba.

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