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Fancy Dress help, please?

Ok - New Year's Eve has crept up on me, and now I need help, please?

Fancy dress inspiration. Something I can do easily with what I've got at home.

The theme is children's characters. Nursery rhymes, cartoon, books, TV programmes.... anything. But children's.

Can anyone help?

Currently I'm thinking Mr Benn - and dressing up as a bit of a wizard, with some weird trousers and a waistcoat that I've already got. And hoping that I can get something approximating to a bowler hat from the party shop in town. It won't be great, but it'll do.

Any further suggestions please? All help gladly received!
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Fred Flintstone (all depends on having orange fabric at home though!)
Wizard of Oz - The Tin Man or the Scarecrow
Woody from Toy Story


Now to maintain.....
what about wheres wally??
popular,recognisable and easy?
red and white stripey jumper,red bobble hat and bottletop geek glasses,lol
ha ha - Sorry I just saw Jim in the screen name - not Sarah at the bottom of the signature!!

In which case my suggestions probably aren't that suitable!!

In which case, how about:

Marge simpson
Glinda the Good Witch (got an old wedding dress you could use?)
Rosie & Jim
Postman Pat
Ariel the mermaid
Oooh, I'll have to Google her. Cos I'm not at all good with practical things, so if I have to make anything, it ain't going to happen!
doesn't it kind of depend on what you already have available?

if you have a black "graduation" gown then a grey jumper and a white shirt, a bit of stick and you're Hermione Granger from Harry potter..
Thank you for all the suggestions. Some of them are even almost practicable. However, I can't think what I've got that could turn me in to most of them.

I've done a bit more investigation, and I'm thinking possibly Tommy, from Rugrats. I'd only need a blue t-shirt and a nappy. Do you think I could carry it off?
red bib overalls and a yellow shirt and you're stewie from family guy..
a nappy will be cold this time of year..
orange dress and pearls with a spikey hairdo and you're lisa simpson..
... both of which would be fine, if I possessed any red overalls, a yellow shirt, an orange dress, or pearls...

I think the nappy would be fine with pink/flesh coloured woolly tights. (Which I haven't got, either, but hey ho!)
you don't own a red / dark orange dress, yet you own an adult sized nappy and pink wooly tights???? :D

ok then..... :)

if you have a blue lycra jumpsuit you could stitch / draw a big number 4 on the front and back and go as Sue Richards ( the invisible girl from fantastic 4 )..
or one of the incredibles if you have a red one... :)
you don't own a red / dark orange dress, yet you own an adult sized nappy and pink wooly tights???? :D
Hahaha! No, ColJack, I haven't. But I've got a white towel. And my woolly tights are not a convincing flesh colour, but will just have to do!

Alternatively, curl your hair, slap a white shirt under the waistcoat, throw on a gypsy skirt and go as Miss Popov!
Curl my hair? Have you seen it?? It's about an inch at its longest point! What could I curl??


No - I've ALMOST made my mind up. I looked at everything I'd got, last night.

I will either be:

Tommy from the Rugrats - blue t-shirt (inside out) white towel nappy, creamy tights & slippers;

[advantages: looks suitably silly (my trademark!), will show the new figure a bit;
disadvantages: looks EXCEEDINGLY silly (!), nappy may fall down / keep needing adjusting, maybe slightly chilly.]


Well, when I got out what I thought would be my best stab at a Magician's outfit (to be Mr Benn, as a Magician) - my weird trousers weren't as I'd remembered them. I thought they were black with stars & moons printed on. But no, I must have got rid of those ones. These are patchwork, all over.

And what I'd remembered as a patchwork waistcoat (which I thought I could wear over a white shirt, with the trousers) isn't a waistcoat, it's a jacket.

And they're both massive on me now.

So when I put them on, I looked less like a magician, and more like Elmer the Elephant. Which would be fine, as still within the theme. Although I might need to get myself a face mask from the party shop, instead of the plastic bowler hat. But still just one trip to one shop required.

[advantages: warmer than the nappy outfit, I love elephants, nobody else will have done it, comfortable;
disadvantages: need to get a mask, doesn't show off my new figure in the slightest, as both halves are about 3 sizes too big!]

So those are now my only options.

I'm sorry I couldn't get any pictures of my attempt at both of these looks last night, but - what do you think?
Loving both ideas.

Think I would go with the nappy. It sounds such fun and as you said silly........ real participation from you.

You might have a problem getting an elephant mask but a huge nappy pin should be no problem.

Whichever one of the 2 you do have a great night and Happy New Year.


Now to maintain.....
yes what did you do?????? and pics! pics! pics!
I went as Tommy from Rugrats, in the end.

I wore a blue t-shirt (inside out, cos I haven't got one without a motif on the front), a nappy made from a white towel, and sort of oatmeal-ish coloured woolly tights & slippers (they were the closest I could get to skin colour!)

It wasn't too bad, although the nappy did keep falling down! I'm not sure if there are any pics: I'll have to have a look.

Lots of people had hired proper costumes, and some people had gone very elaborate. There were lots of Flintstones, 3 Popeyes, 2 Olive Oyls, quite a lot of animals of various types, a Big Bird, a Mr Potato Head, a Buzz Lightyear, a Mutant Ninja Turtle (teenaged, of course), and lots of other things I can't remember.

I was certainly one of the more "home made" looking ones, but I didn't disgrace myself!

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