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FAO - Bish Bosh!

Hiya! I've just seen your sig about disneyland paris!

We're going on the same day as you! lol 4th jan for 11 days - the first day of the 'cheaper season' but still get 3 days of the christmas season ;)

Just thought it was a huge co-incidence so thought i'd pop and and tell you! lol :D
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11 days! Lucky! Yeah mad we are going on the same day! We are going for 5 nights/6 days. Never been before, but have been to Disneyland and California Adventure in LA a few years back. Can't wait - my little girl will love it - she is absolutely Disney mad!!!

Just noticed we are the same age too - well I am 17 days older than you! lol
omg! how mad is that??? :eek: :D

i'm so excited about going! we've got to pay by 5th november so going all-out to save money right now! we're going half-board cos we found it worked out cheaper for us, as it's all you can eat at the hotel :eek: lol

dd's already planning what rides she's going on - apparently going on pirates of the caribbean 11 times last year wasn't enough :rolleyes: :D lol

what was the LA disneyland like? probably a lot hotter than paris :D lol. but at least the paris one is relatively quiet in january, so no huge queues for the rides. yay! :D
Yeah hoping it is not going to be too busy! Went specifically then, same as you, so we get a few days of christmas stuff and a few days of normal stuff!

Went to LA over new year. Got in the taxi at LAX having landed in the rain, with the taxi driver telling us it never rains for more than 2 days in a row in LA. Well it rained the whole 4 days we were there!!!!! (was part of a bigger holiday in the states). Was still amazing tho, and sure it will still be much colder in Paris but who cares - thats what layers are for!!!

But it was still fantastic
oh wow that's fab - sounds like it was brill aside from the weather!

yes, it's cold in paris, but with a few layers and the all-important wooly hat ;) lol, you'll be fine! just remember good comfy shoes/boots, thick socks, a warm coat and a hat, and you won't go far wrong ;)

i recomment annette's diner in the disney village for food. if you've got half board vouchers, they can also be used in annette's :)

oooh how exciting! i can't wait! :D

where are you leaving from, ashford or waterloo? xx
St Pancras :) Need to get myself some foot soak of some variety! Plan to do ALOT of walking! Do you know if Santa Fe have baths in the rooms? Daft question I know but I dont have a bath at home and would love a nice hot bath to warm up at the end of the day! lol
yes, you're in luck! the santa fe have baths :D i LOVED the santa fe when we stayed there a couple of years ago. al decided he wanted to stay at the cowboy hotel (cheyenne) last time though, and we loved it so much we're staying there again in january. but the santa fe is fab for kids especially - very relaxed, and you don't feel like you have to try and quieten the kids down if they're screaming, or playing up - cos every other child is doing the same thing! LOL :D

yes - a foot soak is a VERY good idea. we did SO much walking. i always say that you need a holiday to get over the holiday at disneyland! lol :D
But think how much weight we will lose with all that walking! Almost enough to make up for all the crap we will inevitably eat! lol
hehe - yes, the all you can eat buffets at the hotels are pretty amazing! lol. But you're right, we will definitely lose weight with all the walking!

I think i lost 4lb the first time (5days, 4 nights) and 6lb the last time (8 days, 7 nights) :D and that was without watching what i ate AT ALL, and sinking croissants and hot choc all morning too! :eek: lol
Ooooh i found out that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is only open on the first day we're there! *cryyyyy* They're shutting it down for a couple of weeks on 5th jan for refurb work!

Just thought you'd like to know, so you can get a few rides in on it on the 4th :D xx
Where are you Beki???? 5 DAYS TIL DISNEY!!!!!!!! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU? AT LEAST AS EXCITED AS ME HOPEFULLY!!!!!!! I changed my user name in case you didnt realise - was Bish_Bosh :D:D:D:D:D

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