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Fao: Dancing or anyone who's swapped to CD

Hi, I am seriously thinking about swapping to CD after 100 days abstinence mainly due to cost. I just wondered does it make a difference not having the councilling after 100 days and how easy is the management side of things without LL or can you go back for management. Does it make it harder if you swap? Thank you :)
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Thank you, that's exactly what I was thinking - swapping to CD for development and then back to LL for management but I am not sure if I can do that or if I will have to start from day one again with LL, which means I would still have to have a BMI over 30.

I defo think the LL managment is the important bit and I dont want to miss out on that.

I was also thinking about if CD would be hard because of having no meetings but I am not sure what the LL development meetings entail?

Deb G

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Personally, I think LL's RTM is fantastic and can't recommend it enough - so if you CAN swap back on to it - then I would!!


Oops! - thought there was something missing!

-How long have you been a CD Counsellor and what is your personal experience of the CD programme?
-How do you structure your support sessions, how long do they last and are they by appointment?
-Do you run your sessions from home and in which area are you located?
-Do you have any particular expectations of your clients who are following the CD programme?

Daisydee :sign0007:


By the way - my sister lived in Auckland for a couple of years and had a wonderful time there!

I have a friend who si on an extended trip there at present and a colleague who is off there in May. I am not surprised that you want to return.


i did 11 weeks on LL and then swapped to CD. My group was going into developers and there's not really a structured counselling set up for that so I didn't feel I'd miss much. Also, I was strictly SSing and the group meetings were turning into a 'what i've eaten' session for everyone else! I am maintaining through eating low GI but not strictly according to the CD plans and have maintained my weight loss since last October. I think it's individual to everyone what is best for you. Hope you get on well whatever you decide?

Well I have still got about 8 weeks of abstinence on LL then I am pretty set that I will swap to CD. I think I will prob leave it a few more weeks before I mention it to my councillor so it is a bit nearer the time. There are a few CDC near me so I will contact a couple. I have done CD before and my councillor was lovely but she was very busy and it was really a case of just being weighed every couple of weeks and picking up packs. I think I would need a bit more support this time.

Dancing, thanks for finding out about the refresher course, I think I would switch back to LL about half a stone from goal so I can hopefully just do a couple of refresher weeks before RTM.

I think the crucial thing will be the timing to make sure I have enough packs so there is no gap. Mind you, the first couple of weeks of LL I was only having 3 packs a day (took me a while to get used to it) so I have a few spare.

Thanks so much for the info, has really sorted my mind out, I was thinking I couldnt go back to LL without a high BMI!
changed my mind, think I am going to switch over to CD asap. I have been thinking about it a lot since I started this thread and I think personally I would do better with one to one councilling as I am just not comfortable in a group setting. Plus money issues are starting to cause me a headache and the saving would help. I would like to do management with LL but will think about this nearer the time. I am contacting CDCs now to see if I can find someone I click with. Just a bit nervous about telling my LLC!

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