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fao everybody espec stinky

i thought a formal apology was needed as ive been mia for a while and i feel ive let you all down :(..
and myself of course..ive been so busy with college work and normal work that ive gone a bit haywire to be honest.:sigh: my weight has gone up,but im back on and planning on getting right back on track...need to keep a bit more focused i think....
stinky i feel like ive left you! sorry!:(

anyway just in case you all thought i was ditching you all, i wasnt,,any time ive had ive been hiding in the background reading all the posts lol...sneaky sneaky i know...
anyways onwards and downwards... your all doing so well and heres to a brand new month.... :) hugs to you all x
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Don't Worry Be Happy
i think i speak for everyone that no apology needed, you dealt with what you had to in your own way,and now your back no harm done :)just best of luck and keep smiling:)

irish molly

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Welcome back Bells. Everyone has times that things are just too hectic or have one hiatus or another that throws them off track. We are, after all, only human.
Hopefully, you are in the right frame of mind for another crack at tfr.
Lots of luck pet, onwards and downwards it is!!!
Must have been the week for it, I was suffering with sinusitis (omg the pain!) and the pharmacist told me to eat something and get well. I pretty much looked like death warmed up. However getting back on tfr when you have had the taste of food isnt very easy. Was planning on Tuesday but it didn't happen, then Wednesday, then Thursday but oh dear I was a bit of a failure. Couldn't even come on here because of the guilt!! BUT today...3 shakes nothing else woop woop and i feel fab.

Good luck with getting back on track, if you need a moan to someone who is feeling exactly the same just get in touch xxxx


Size 14 here i come!
Well i should bloomin well think so too!!lol

All alone i was on here without my diet buddy, well looks like we both back now and i may have had a slip too,lol

Had a fantastic weekend away in Butlins and had lots to eat and drink, i have had that booked for over a yr so nothing as going to spoil it. Came back on Sunday but have been unwell since, sods law for me, really bad cold and throwing up. Also my DS was ill all weekend and i have had him off school all week.
Talk about paying for a weekend away.....!?

Back on CD tomorrow and kinda looking forward to it as i have had a good break.
Hope you are back on track now, i will do some thread reading and see what everyone has been up to for the last week.
Bring on the water.........


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Welcome back Bells, good luck this month. x
thanks guys..hoping to be back to normal weight by next week and then i can get on with the losing unlost weight process! i love not feeling guilty :)when i have my shakes...stinky glad you had a good time shame to hear your sick though..poor thing get well soon,,good luck on your restart and thanks for taking me back again lol..xx


Size 14 here i come!
Bells i couldn't do it without you hun!

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