Fao Freefalling-Here's my tree


love it
As promised


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Tree envy!!!!!

I need to get on the case this weekend!!!
More tree envy!!!

I am a twinkly light addict.......
Got 2 long days at work Thurs and Fri, then rugby on Sat....so fingers crossed I'll get the dec's up on Sunday. My boyf is quite a grinch, so he's trying to put me off as long as possible!!! At worst I finish work early on Monday, so he'll find all 3 of our tree's up by then!! I have a 6ft, a 4ft and a 2ft....sad sad woman that I am!!!
I've put he pics of my 3 tree's from last year into my album :) We only moved into our house 2 months earlier, so I took photo's to show my family when I came home for Christmas :)
Yep..It's easy to see my house is decorated with personal and also unsold artwork!!!
The crazy one in the lounge is going to be part of an exhibition at some point so it isn't on the wall there anymore! It is actually the Kray brothers as toddlers, pulling a teddy apart.....I'm an odd lass......
Wow! I've only ever met Davina McCall ..she didn't even kill anyone.....
Hehe...she did make me feel incredibly porky when I met her. I know they say TV adds 10lbs, but she looked over a st skinnier.....damn her.... :)

Just been told to stop gossiping and come to bed! I do need to be up at 7am, so best go kip now....and plan this years Christmas display in my dreams!! :)