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FAO Leesy!

Hi Leesy

It just dawned on me, you have lost the same amount I intend to lose....so, seeing as you are now a goal reaching champion...:D...can I ask you how long it took, and did you abstain all the way through or were there some wobbles? And did you do a lot of exercies along the way?

I know we are all different, but it will give me some idea of what I might realistically be looking at!:eek:

Thanks, and once again - you are a STAR for reaching goal!! :)
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Hey BL - pleasure to help!

I started foundation on 16th May 07, and followed the plan religiously until christmas, when I took a couple of days off before returning for a week of abstinence before RtM. So i lost the weight in about 7 and a half months altogether.

I didn't do a great deal of exercise, but tried to do my steps, and did the odd bit of running etc. Nothing structured or regular though to be honest.

Hope this helps - and congrats on your weight losses so far - you are going great guns. Keep it up and you will be done before you know it,

Oh thanks Leesy - that gives me a lot of encouragement!!! I was hoping it would be about that long!! And at the moment, I intend to be 100%. Time will tell, but unless something goes horribly wrong, come hell or highwater, thats my plan.

I must confess, when I saw your before and after photos,a couple of weeks ago, I had quite an emotional response....I just saw this new woman, who could no doubt move easier, looked a different person...I can't explain it very well.....but I know we suffer with all this weight,physically, and I guess I felt "I know what she felt like.....and what she must feel like no must be like being reborn!" - something like that. Does that make any sense at all?? LOL (it does to us - that's me and the voices in my head!! :D)

So, you're an inspiration lady!!


Thanks BL - trust me you too are extremely inspiring to everyone on here. You give great advice and support to everyone, and you are doing so well in your journey!

I do indeed feel like a completely new woman, it has changed my life, and will do the same for you I am sure. You are so committed to this, and I think - like me when I started - you have decided now is the time to make that difference in your life.

When I think about it, it has been such a short period in my life to turn everything around. When I first decided to do LL I worried about how long it would take, how long I would have to take out of normal life in order to lose the weight. But now, when I consider that I have spent ALL of my adult life morbidly obese, seven months is such a short time to take out and make the changes I needed to.

Not that my journey is over yet, in RtM I am still struggling with the old food demons that made me what I was before. I have lost some battles, and have won a few too - only time will tell if I can succeed. But at this moment, feeling as I do now, I am confident that I will not allow myself to go back to what I was last year. There will be ups and downs a plenty, but it is the long game that counts.

Thank you so much for your kind words, they really mean a lot, and your support really helps me to start winning again!

Take care

Aww, thank you Leesy. :)

Well, I think you are fab, and feel you are going to knock the whole RTM on its head!!! Even eith the ups and downs, you will come out on top!!!

THanks for your kind words, and keep up the good fight. You are proof it can be done!!! :)


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