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FAO Teachers!

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Hello - I know there's a few teachers here so I was hoping for some words of advice. I'm starting LL tomorrow, and a PGCE Monday Week. How do you find coping with LL whilst teaching? Any words of wisdom? I'm not sure what to expect from either (although I have done LL before so maybe I know more about that than teaching...) but some reassurance that it can be done whilst having such a mentally demanding job would be fab!

Thank you
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HIya - good luck with what youa re embarking on - on both counts! :)

I am not a teacher, but I would feel it safe to say people of ALL walks of life,.... doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc., and all other manners of demanding jobs have maybe at one point done LL, or Cambridge or other extreme diets. :)

I found it to be a relief - my concentration was actually far improved because I wasnt constantly thinking about how unhappy I was, wish I were slim, I'm hungry, whens my next meal, why can't I lose weight, eat something, don't eat something, lol and so on..... I was free to think about things that deserved thinking about.

I am sure you will be fine. But you will get some replys from teachers too I hope, and hopefully that will put you at ease.

Good luck to you!!


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Hey Hun

Good luck on the start of a very exciting journey. You will do just brilliantly. There will always be reasons "not to start right now" in my opinion, forget that and just do it, there is only one perfect time and that is now! I am a chef so I work with food every day, I also know loads of other chefs who have done the programme. It is more about mind set than anything else.

You could message snowmum who has recently posted as she is a teacher?

Good luck with it all

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hi there
i know the PGCE course is demanding - i have had students with me on it before.
LL is demanding too - but the rewards with both will be massive!

good things about doing them together will be all the extra time you will have to do planning and marking than your peers, as you won't need to be shopping,cooking,eating and thinking about food! - made a massive difference to me

you will also feel full of energy and sleep well (well i did)

at lunch times in school a pack takes seconds to eat leaving you free to do other stuff

negatives will be spending all your time on here!

there will never be a 'right' time to do LL - its right time when you are ready for it in your head and if that is now....go for it

daisy x
You'll be fine. I stuck to Bouillion(LL savoury powder ) on a lunch as it was easy to make rather than a shake also meant I could save a pack for night time.
Stick with it its so worth it!


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I, too, am a teacher - didn't do LL, rather CD....but similar principles. I had bars or tetras while at school, and didn't have any problems. Indeed, as someone said earlier, I found it gave me more time at lunchtime and also more focus. Your only problem will be making sure you drink enough water, and then controlling your bladder during lesson time.

Good luck with your PGCE (what are you doing and where?)
S: 13st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st11lb(5.88%)
Thank you so much for all your replies! All so positive! I'm a worrier, but sometimes I find I'm more likely to succeed if I take on a lot at the same time, perhaps because then I HAVE to be focussed! And at least I'll be busy...

Daisydoll & blonde logic & Kopcat - you've done amazingly! So inspirational.

Kopcat - Southampton Uni, secondary science. I am worried about water, particularly as I can't drink in the science lab, but the first three weeks I'm at uni anyway so no lab work. I have a residential in October for two nights which is in the back of my mind, but by then I could have lost my first stone or more, so I'll deal with that when it arrives.

Thank you again. These forums are great!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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hey , im currently going into year 2 of my cert ed ( same course as pgce but without the degree first ) i did ll during my 1st year with no problems , as the girls have all said it can really help you focus and free youre mind for other things , the course is challenging but absolutely fab , ive loved it and im looking forward to getting year 2 under my belt . so , well done on both counts and goodluck with youre journey xxx

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