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FAO. Too Heavy Hannah

Hi hope you dont mind me mess you but you seem to have had fabulous weightlosses can you tell me how you work out your plan and the types of slimfast and meals you have etc. im desp to lose weight, did 11lb last week on lipotrim and hoping not to put any back on as this is my first week back on fod and trying to do slimfast as good as poss. plesae help any suggestions soooo welcome!! Thanks, Jude x
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You only live once..
Why not stick to Lipotrim as it works for you? 11lb.. WOW!
It was amazing but it was sooooooooooo vile i couldnt take another day of those awful shakes they were disgusting so i really had to change.... oh god, have i done the wrong thing?? x
Hi Jude :) Of course I don't mind you asking ;)
I haven't done anything special, but I have stuck to the diet, Everyday I have 2 meal bars, 3 100cal snacks, for my evening meal I have a ready meal and veg, and a pudding....usually a WW choc brownie dessert,they are lovely!
I've stuck to ready meals because my portion control is awful! I think i'll start cooking for myself when i've lost another stone,hopefully i'll have got used to the amount i'm eating and won't over do it!

I drink 3 litres of water everyday, and i'm sure that is the key,it stops me feeling hungry! It was a struggle to drink that much at the start,I started with 2 and built up to 3, but now i'm used to it,and don't spend all day in the loo!
Good luck xx

Oh and I forgot to say! I have a fried breakfast every saturday morning...not sure if this keeps giving my body a kick back into the diet or not.... but knowing i've got that at the end of a week of being good helps me stick to it :)
Hia, thanks for that it really helps to know what others are doing. I had a sneaky go on scales today and havent put on anything from lipotrim but im on diff scales and naked so the reading actually looks like ive lost but i havent really if you know what i mean. does this matter when i come to record next week????? Ive been trying not to snack so if my cal intake is lower i should hopefully lose a bit more you think??? Really trying hard with NO carbs as that really is my downfall. I get very very very bloated and it becomes really obvious in my face, any tips for this? Ive heard nettle tea but does it really work and is it vile?! Drinking peppermint tea, thats nice. Thanks again. Also I think ive managed to accept you as a friend but how do i check??! Jude x


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I heard peppermint tea is good cos it helps ur digestive system. i often have it and (may be pshychological) but makes me feel better, kind of healthier!

good luck Jude!
was lipotrim really that bad? how much did it cost a week if you dont mind me asking? how many cals a day were you having and is it just shakes?

OK, LIPOTRIM was £36 a week and you do it thru your pharmacist or dr the have a website www.lipotrim.co.uk you cant have anything apart from water, black tea or coffee or leaf teas - NO citrus at all. There are choc, vanilla or strawberry shakes or chicken soup or coconut or peanut flapjack. You make all the powders up yourself. They are made to taste not nice so you dont require extra but they taste so disgusting that I often didnt have all mine or only had two a day instead of three. In total its 450 cals a day. The weight loss is rapid and in the first week you lose glycogen and water, its based on your body going into ketosis to burn up the fat, which only start happenin about day 5 or 6. Once you have a TASTE of ANYTHING then your body has to start the whole process again.... It was good for the weightloss but I just couldnt stomach another day let alone another 7 weeks - its recommended that you did it 8weeks or more and you have to have a BMI over 30. Jude x


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wow that sounds harsh.
well done for sticking to it for a week!
I tried lipotrim and the shakes really were awful! I managed 2 days and was physically sick each night. Ironcially the Lighterlife shakes were a lot nicer but even more expensive at £66 a week! The slimfast shakes are a lot nicer!

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