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Farm Foods...... HELP NEEDED!!!


Hello all u lovley slimmers, Im looking to get back on the SW wagon after some time off :( and a 7lb + gain.
I'm wanting to go shopping and fill my freezer at farm foods but im a at home weigher and cant access the sw site. so was wondering if any of you slimmers know of any stuff they sell thats syn free or very low syns for red and green days. Thanks xxx
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The only things i get from Farmfoods are the quorn stuff as they are usually well priced there. Frozen veggies would also be a good choice but afraid I can't help with meats, fish or ready meals as I don't eat these. Perhaps try a search as I'm pretty sure someone has asked before.


Tried to do a search for farm foods on here and nothing came up :(
They sell 'The One' milk which has a 300ml allowance as HexA but tastes like semi-skimmed milk and at Farm foods it's £1.50 for two x 4pint bottles!

Also they sell eggs cheaply (69 for 6 large eggs caged)
And they sell quaker oat so simple sachets (original) for £1.50 which is cheaper than any of the supermarkets (I have these as my HexB for breakfast with 180ml of my milk allowance..)

Another useful thing is the quorn - it's very reasonably priced there and a big selection...

They also sell Weight Watchers meals so if you like those they're also cheap.

If there is anything else more specific you want to know let me know as I love that shop - it's such a money saver!


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