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Fast food 'makes you less intelligent'

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hmm, I would be interested to find if it was the presence of fat or the ABSENCE of other nutruients that caused the effect. That article doesn't really make it clear, also what exactly do they mean by 'junk food'? That could mean a lot of different things. :confused:
well, I posted it because I read an article a while ago claiming that Low carb high fat diets actually made people brighter and more intelligent, I think it's just more of the eggs are good for, eggs are bad for you stuff LM.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Aye Jim, with all the contrary reports out there it can get confusing (or maybe it's my high fat diet making me too dim LOL). I guess it gives journalists plenty of attention-grabbing headlines though!
i must say this is quite intresting...

i have junk food about 3x a week (minimum), and have been having it for about 4 years now, as well as lots of coke. probably explaines why im on here.

yeah my short term memory is absolutely awful, i forget the most basic of things. loads of things. e.g. i will open up the internet and then go to google, but by the time i get to google i forgot what i wanted to search. lol my friends think i do this 'forgetting' thing as an act.

however in terms of overall inteligence i dont know if thats changed. i was still succesful in my a levels...was able to get 100% for an a level maths exam, as well as consistantly reaching over 90%s in others. so i dont really feel dumb?, doing a maths degree at the moment lol...

interesting though...

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