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Fat and Thirty.......

Hi All,

I am new to the forum and 9 days into Exante TS. I have been lurking in the background for a few weeks now but finally decided to fess up and start a diary to help me keep on track. I have also been hugely inspired by the Diaries of others (Starlight is my Hero!) and hope that my diary will do the same for someone else one day!

In short my motivation is as follows
  • I don't want to be fat and thirty, and I am thirty in just over 5 months! (Not sure how that happened, last time I checked I was 18!!)
  • I want to wear beautiful clothes from normal shops
  • I want to feel good about my body, I waste alot of time feeling bad about it
What pushed me over the edge.......
  • I could fit into my reliable party outfit for my Dad's 60th, and had to go in JOGGERS!!!!!!
  • My partners keep reminising about the times I looked 'drop dead gorgeous' and they are all about 5 stone ago
  • I went to Mahiki night club in London for a party and was by far the fattest person there, also the least famous but that I can live with ;)
So..... I am on Exante, I feel mentally very strong and confident but I know I will hit challenges along the way and hope that all you beautiful people will help me through. The biggest challenge so far has been drinking the water, I am not getting through 2 litres a day by any stretch of the imagination. I have actually had to start drinking it slightly warm so I can get it down me! Pack wise I find them a little bland but I think that might actually be a blessing. Shakes only for me, can't stand soup, I'm a bit funny with savoury things.

New trainers are also ordered and I will be back in the gym when they arrive. I use to run on a regular basis and I will be trying to get fit enough to go running with my OH like the good old days

I have 77Ibs to lose in total (well less that 70 now!) but I will not be weighing myself weekly as I have a tendancy to reward/punish so I will be going mainly by my clothes with the odd weigh thrown in when I can't resist any more! My goals are all action points rather that weights, I'll post then when I have put a bit more thought into them.

Would be lovely to hear from others on the site, I will do my best to keep the thread updated between work and running to the loo!! :p

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hi KTD! I just started today and have roughly the same amount of weight to lose as you do. Water is my struggle too, I'm always scared of drinking too much in one go. I can't wait till next week to weigh myself, I admire you fo having the willpower to abstain! I am hoping to be a lot slimmer for my holiday to the caribbean next yr which I havent booked yet but will be booking it end of january its good to have something to look forward to and aim for.

Good luck...Laura x
whenever you go to the kitchen have some water. even when mixing your exante packets drink water. to save yourself night time trips to the toilet then have a water cut off time for 2 hours before bed :)
im still waiting for my 3 year old son to sleep through the night so i go to the toilet at least twice a night too. dosnt bother me atm but it will when he does sleep through and i will have to cut down the water. but i have never had a problem drinking it.
you can mix a small bit of tesco high juice if you want like i do. it hasnt got the stuff that knocks you out of ketosis ;)
yep KTD totally do it!! its the best motivation ever! I've never been on holiday thin - ever! It will be really good to wear a bikini and not feel self conscious.
So yesterday I had Banana Shake for Breakfast, Chocolate for lunch and Half a chicken breast for dinner. I went round to a friends for a house warming and there was a buffet. Heart completely dropped and I wondered how on earth I was going to get around it but soon realised it was far better than a sit down meal. Had a few pieces of grilled chicken and then could be heard regularly saying 'No thank you I have already had some, it was delicious' like some crazy person!!

When I started this diet I made a deal with myself that such events were not going to be classed as failures, I'm in this for the long haul so I will have to learn to deal with them! My daily back up is that if I can't TS then I WS. I did read that over a three month period those that WS tend to end up losing the same as those that TS (Despite that I would like to just TS alone) Today I have a client lunch, they are my biggest client so I have to go, but I have phoned the restaurant in advance so I know what to order, that way I don't event have to look at the menu so it should be pain free!

Started today with a Vanilla shake with coffee granules in it, its like a latte I love it!

Now waiting for the delivery man to bring my trainers, amazing how new trainers can make you want to hit the gym, sure I won't be that excited once I am there!
you did good at the buffet - buffets are best as you can have one thing on your plate and no one knows you havent had anything else ... just sit away from the food tho.

Oh the peeing thing - I try to drink a pint of water when I wake up then one mid morning, one lunch time and one early afternoon ...this way I have most of my quota in me then the rest of the day I just drink as I usually would if I wasnt on exante

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