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Fat Bird Slims... My SW diary

S: 22st7lb C: 17st9lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4st12lb(21.59%)
Hello lovely folk

Well here I am again. I've been on and off the Minimins boards over the years on one diet or another...

I always say to people that I'm actually very good at losing weight.. Just RUBBISH at keeping it off! I've lost 4 stone in the past on WW, 3.5 on Slimming World, and 2.5 stone on Diet Chef... and always end up putting it back on again and ending up at square one. I think it's because the thought of losing 10 stone or whatever is just so momentous that I don't believe its going to happen... so I fall off the wagon and go back to the beginning again!

Anyway, here I am, back again. I have been doing the Dukan Diet for 2 weeks, and lost 5lbs so far.. but its far too strict to sustain in the longer term, and I actually don't think I've been eating ENOUGH on it to support my large bulk, so I decided to come back to SW. Exercise is not my forte (I hate it!) but I'm trying to walk a bit at lunchtimes and have taken my bike to work so I can peddle to the shops on it when I need to pop out, rather than take the car.

It's about 5 years since I did SW the first time round so a few things have changed. I'm going to try to stick to Original days as I am a bit of a carbohydrate fiend, so I think it will be good for me to see if I can wean myself off them. (I also can't get my head round the EE plan - new fangled thing! :8855:)

I started at the beginning of May as I go on holiday in the first week of September, and I'm determined that my plane seat will be a bit more comfy by then than it would be at the moment. If I can be anywhere near the 19stones by then it would be great but that might be a bit ambitious given the time available. Oh well, it gives me something to aim for.

I'll try to pop on here a few times a week to update my progress.

Helen x
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S: 22st7lb C: 17st9lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4st12lb(21.59%)
Feels like I'm eating too much...

Hello all, well, Day 2 of SW proper again here. I've already got that "I'm eating too much and can't possibly lose any weight" feeling, that I remember from the first time I did SW.

Today I've had:

Breakfast: 1 x Diet Yoghurt

Lunch: 4 x Ryvita sesame (HexB), 2 tsp Flora Light (2 syns), Ham, turkey, tomato, radish, cucumber and a small amount of vff cottage cheese. Plus 1 more Diet Yoghurt.

On way home was super hungry so had a packet of wafer thin turkey

Dinner: Chicken Breast, 2 x Beef Kebabs (7 syns - a lot but they are yummy and i want to get them eaten and out the way!), Baked Beans (HEXB). Pudding was Rhubarb & Muller light.

HEXA was in form of skimmed milk in my cuppas. :)

Stressy day at work today, so perhaps thats why I have felt hungry all day today!

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