Fat Families?


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I've set up a series link as I thought it looked good. Hubby's got the football on tonight so I'll catch up with it at the weekend I expect!!! Let me know if it's any good.
I did watch a programme last night with Lorraine Kelly and that girl from X Factor who wore the horrid dress (like a wedding dress) and couldn't sing (can't think what she's called - sorry)! It was about her whole family and Lorraine Kelly is helping them to become more healthy and lose weight. It was really good.


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There's a rash of these programmes around at the moment and I can't get enough of them!


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Personally I'm getting rather fed up with television treating fat people as freaks to be ogled and humiliated. I don't think it's at all helpful because it teaches people to view fat people as objects of ridicule. on the telly they show people stuffing their faces, as stupid and lazy and then we wonder why people call us names in the street :(


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Yes, to people who do not need to lose weight and have never to it seems like these programmes set out to ridicule the obese but to me it serves a different purpose. It shows me that ANYONE can pile on the pounds for any number of different reasons and in all sorts of personal circumstances. I think morbid obesity is losing it's shock value though through these programmes, they have to keep coming up with bigger and bigger people to put on TV.
For me personally it does get me off by backside and to the gym and forces to watch what I'm eating that little bit closer. It's not a nasty thing because I do feel so bad for them, that they have to start their journey and that's always the hardest step but I don't want to get that big and these programmes inspire me to try harder.


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I find the programs very inspirational and I take on board a lot of tips.
What I don't understand is some really large people on these shows really don't understand why they are so large as they think they are eating healthily. Surely a bit of common sense should apply... It is not healthy to eat a loaf of bread and 10 bars of chocolate in a day..(that's just an example!)


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I'm quite obsessed by "the biggest loser" - although I do wish they would give more content on the eating aspect of the weight loss journey.

I do find it really motivational and when i see how hard they work out, with the size most of them start, it does force me to push myself harder in the gym.


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I watched 20 minutes of this with the Jeeps family. \In that time yhey were called, 'the fat four', the 'jumbo jeets', the 'lardy lads'. s all that really necessary. I think it's dreadful and really insensitive. They were also made out to be thick and lazy. Just reinforces peoples prejudices in my opinion.



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I have watched the first two episodes for this & won't be watching anymore - I don't think the supposed 'Guru' they have helping them actually does help them, he seems to ridicule them instead and it really grates on me that he does that, people who have weight problems (myself included) don't need ridicule we need understanding, help & decent advice.


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Of course we need help and good advice! But sometimes people do need a HARD kick up the backside! They would have carried on getting bigger and bigger if they hadn't gone on the show and if it took sayings like that to get them to see themselves clearly then so be it. It's not nice but that's reality unfortunatly.
Before anyone thinks I'm a heartless cow it was simelar phrases said to my face that got me off my butt and to the gym, it made me want to prove them wrong and make them eat their words!


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i love watching and wish someone would take my sofa away and get me a treadmill


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I really don't like this show. The presenter is not nasty to these people to help them, he does it to humiliate them for ratings. I find shows like The Biggest Loser inspirational but fat families just makes me angry. I feel like he goes in there, name calls, makes a few crappy suggestions and leaves without making a real difference.

I recently was in a tv audience for an upcoming cooking show with James martin presenting. They had a section on fat people with unhealthy diets. I watched some poor guy get tricked onto the show by his wife and get completely humiliated on a whole load of cameras. Even off camera he was referred to as fat danny. He was then briefly shown a 'healthy' recipe that was drenched in tablespoons of olive oil, cheese, bread and pesto. He was referred to throughout the show as an object of ridicule but they did not help the guy. It was disgusting. That and the huge number of sexist comments made really put me off James martin. I hope it doesn't go on tv