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**Fat Friends**

well guys i have successfully completed day 1:clap: (again)without a hitch no nibbling or anything:17729: although i did come close to licking the george foreman lol
anyway how are my **fat friends** today.what was everyones losses this week?
hope your all feeling good and motivated for a *weightloss wednesday* :talk017:
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hi there my weight loss was 4lbs this week. weighed lastnight, so i have lost 29lbs in 7 weeks.not bad for me asI usually lose about a stone and a half on any sort of diet and thengive in, but i am still inspired to do this, thanks mainly to everyone on here.


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Well done for not licking the George Forman :D

Weigh in day tomorrow for me so I am trying to glug my way through lots of water today!


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Well done on not licking George Foreman lol I wonder what he tastes like???

I am doing well today so far. Still 100% and feeling good. No ketosis yet but it is only day 2 (jumping the gun a bit!!!)!

Determined to stay off the scales until WI. My WI is on Monday morning so got a long wait yet! Hoping for a great loss though so I can be patient! x
Im on day 2 aswell and have my weigh in on monday afternoon.Feeling a bit tired today and hungry but ok otherwise i did struggle to drink water yesterday but managed to drink about 4 litres in all which is good i think.i set myself times to finish the bottle by it keeps my mind occupied.do you have your shakes/soups at set times or just as and when.i split all mine into 2 so i have 6 throughout the day instead of 3.works better for me as i find im not so hungry.


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I drink 1.5l then have a tetra then do it again and again. I won't let myself have a tetra until I have finished the bottle and since I like the tetras more than the water, I make damn sure I drink that water!!!

I try to wait as long as I can in the morning before having my first tetra and I wait until I feel hungry rather than just wanting it for the sake of wanting it. This way seems to work for me and makes the day go quicker!

I use a 1.5l bottle and pour it into a glass. So much easier to drink from a glass and the bottle goes down much quicker!

We will have to check in with each other on Monday evening and see how we both did at our first WIs!!! x
yea definetly
well done on day one - you'll be striking off that 2nd mini goal before you know it!

I get weighed tonight but won't have a chance to update you guys as I go on holiday at stupid o'clock in the morning and am staying at a friends up at the airport tonight.

Unofficially I have lost 12 lbs in 13 days.... not bad going! It also brings me into the overweight range!

Good luck today and keep glugging!
well done amm451 hope i can get some good losses too x
Have a fab holiday hun x


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Ooo blimey! Well done Amm451
Thanks guys.... So its been rather quiet on here for the last week how's it going guys?

Holiday was fab, back home today and was surrounded on the plane by bacon baguettes, I resisted so now I am almost done with week three whoo hoo.

I have opted for an official wi every fortnight so should be seeing good official losses and haven't been on the scales since - lets hope I can keep it that way!


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Well done for resisting the bacon butties. I am itching to get weighed again tomorrow and hope it ups my motivation levels.

I caught myself thinking "if I lose 5lbs tomorrow I will eat a bit of battered fish as a treat". No no no no no. GO AWAY FOOD DEVIL!
Yeah, we so need to move away from the mindset of rewarding ourselves with food.... I started a thread two weeks ago asking how people rewarded themselves.... think I might have to put some treats next to my mini goals. Good luck for your wi guru and keep us posted!


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sorry i've been awol again lol!!!

no excuse really :confused:

i lost 11lbs in my first weigh in woohoo!! am so proud! and it's day 10 for me and still 100%, yay me!

even though i am in ketosis and allegedly meant to have lots of energy, i am so tired all the time!!! i wake up after 8 hours sleep and i just cannot keep my eyes open until well after 10am! what's up with that??? x


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Brilliant loss Gem! Well done!


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks Guru! I just hope I am as successful as you in week 2! Will be an unofficial weigh in as I am away in Swansea househunting and Mike has a job interview (at last!!!). Only lost 1.5lbs so far. My usual week 2 loss is about 3lbs which I would be happy with to make it an even stone hehe! x
I am sure you will get there Gem, especially as you have been 100%. My unofficial wi is a STS for this week, a little bit disappointing but I am putting it down to fluid retention through the heat in spain and travelling, all will be good and am hoping for 7lb at my next wi next week.... going for the fortnightly wi and am hoping for a big drop next week. First time round I don't remember a STS for a week oh well - it had better come off hehe

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