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I'm new (ish) to slimming world, iv tried in the past managed a few weeks then got side tracked. This time I'm going to stick it out for the long haul (that's the plan any way) hence this dairy.


I'm 21 and live in the uk with my two year old, I'm 5ft 9 and 12st 7 I'm not huge as my hight means I carry my "extra" weight well,<or so I'm told, however I'm curvey in all the wrong place.

Ideally I'd like to loose 21lbs by the end of feb beginning of march, iv worked this out at 2lbs pw ish, which seems ok.
My journey started yestoday, it wasn't a good start I missed breakfast to full from coffee, lunch was better tuna pasta salad, dinner even better fish new pots and green veg I even did a workout. Then came the down fall, I went on a "date" with a guy iv been seeing for a few months, he wanted to go to a pub :0( my biggest weekness is alcohol, I started good. Vodka diet coke , then as the night went on the guy turned into more of a d**k, que stupid amount of alcohol and enough syns to last a month :0(.

Anyway iv woken this morning and decided to start a fresh, and not give up at the first down fall like I always do :0D

Day one: EE

Breakfast: orange, banana, eggs and bacon mushrooms and beans

Lunch: ????


Will update later. Off to do a work out
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