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fat girl thin ( hopefully) food diary


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Had first weigh in tonight after week 1 so gonna keep this diary to keep me on track and to use as reference please feel free to correct anything which might be wrong :)

Breakfast : selection fruit and fat free onken vanilla

Lunch : 57g wholemeal roll
2 laughing Cow triangle (1/2 hex-a)

Tea : pasta, mushrooms, onions, garlic quark and 3 laughing cow triangle (1/2 hexa) syn free chips

Snacks 4 x 3.5syn yogurt scones with fromage frais and strawberries

Tea and diet fizzy drinks throughout the day
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Hi Mel, Good for you getting things up and all systems go!!
This is a fab forum and I'm sure you will get lots of help and support.
Not doing SW myself but there are plenty who will soon giv you a look.
All the very best to you...:)


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Thank you and it's people like you that make it work and worth coming on here to meet

Im looking forward to becoming a regular and finally losing the weight that has bogged me down for so long x

Hope you are doing well with your chosen diet


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Well day 2 of diary

Selection of fruit and ff yog
Jacket pot and 2 laughing cow light (1/2 hexa)
Fruit salad and activia ff
Large amount syn free chips and mushy peas
Brown roll 57g (hexb)
3 krispiroll (hexb)
3 laughing cow light (other 1/2 of hexa)
Milk in tea (hexa)

Feeling really full all the time I think I might be having too big portions maybe? I don't feel any less bulky yet !! I know on some diets it's quite a short time before you get that " sucked in feeling"


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Day 3

A day full of eating

Fruit and yog

Wholemeal 57g roll
2 mini babybel lights

Free rice pudding

4x 3.5 syn scones
Quark with artifical sweetner

Roast pots

3 pagen rolls
Mini babybel light

Large bowl of rice

mug shot

Loads of sugar free juice

And still not satisfied... What's going on there then?


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Thank you that makes me feel better , do you think we eat cos we are hungry on this diet or is it because we are allowed so much food we think it rude not to partake of this rather generous offering from the heavens ;) ? I'm sure that before I didn't need to eat even half as much as I do now ( although everything I did eat began with choco and ended with late)


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Anyhoo on with my days munching

57g wholemeal bap with quark and cucumber

Milk for teas

57g wholemeal bap toasted filled with tons of salad

Tons of White boiled rice

4x 3.5 scones mmm
Fromage frais. 14 syns

Muller light stawberry cheesecake flavour. ? Syns so counting 1 as that's all I have left

Chips (free) loads of
Mushy peas full tin of

1 skinny cow mint. 4.5 syns
Oh no broken diet with this but it was winking at me from the freezer and I succumbed :( please don't let me put weight on cos of this
If I'm honest I think it can be a bit of both. Some days I am genuinely hungry and others I really have to tell myself off for wanting more just because it's a free food! Think you just need to find your balance. It's hard work starting a new diet plan, but you'll figure it out. I really struggled to use syns and Hex's when I first started, but I got there eventually.

Also, a lot of us carry over syns from previous days so if you do want something extra-like the Skinny Cow-you can easily work it in to your day :D



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Thanks Kelly it's just gonna take me a bit longer to get used to it I was a former weightwatcher in the distant past so I think it's hard to swap your train of thought always feel like I'm being naughty when I'm eating sooo much in comparison


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Brown 57g bap topped with mini baby bel light

Slice of yogurt cake ?? About 5 syns I would say

(tinned tomato just the 1 tho)
4 (I know greedy cow) eggs
6( yes 6 ) quorn sausages
1 sliced dry fried potato......(this is the total of things over 2 meals not all on one humongous plate

Hmmm now I blow it .. 1/2. Bottle vodka and a gazzillion diet cokes

Don't know the syn value for that but I'm guessing pretty high as I quickly lost counting how many measures I was having

So a bit of a failure today and I'm going out for a meal tommorrow at hungry horse so I have no plan of what I'm going to do there :(


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Jacket pot and mushy peas

Milk for tea

Hungry horse veg jalfrezi and pilau rice
ate one of the popadoms ( you get two) left the mango chutney

Side salad ( did ask for no dressing but it came with a drizzle of honey and mustard! They don't listen but I am not going to send it back and risk having a salad with a spit dressing sent back to me ( urg )

Loads of diet coke ( thought I had better after last night)


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57g of whole meal roll
28g of marmite cheese ( hexa + 3syns )

Veg ( this was prepacked and it had a bit of butter on it didn't realise til I ate it :( guessing a couple of syns I didn't have a lot after that)
3 quorn sausages
Syn free roasties

3 quorns sausages
3 x extra light laughing cow triangles
57g scraped out wholemeal roll



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weigh in tonight.... sort of excited sort of absolutely bobbing it.. Im not sure how I'll do I feel like I might of lost something but am really scared of being disapointed ... Trying to resist getting weighed at home


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Mon food

Fruit salad and mullerlight

Bowl pasta with salt vinegar and black pepper
2 mullerlight

8 (I am not making them again I was a piggy) lemon cupcakes ( no icing so 1 syn each)

1 yogurt scone with from fraud and strawberrys

Milk for tea

Pepper stuffed with couscous and loads of syn free chips and salad

57g wholemeal roll

Big fatty by the end of the day :)

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