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Fat Lynne is going to be on TV

If you fancy a giggle, i'm going to be on Eggheads tomorrow night (Thurs, 6pm BBC2). It was filmed this time last year before i even thought about CD and how I wish i had lost 4 stone before i agreed to appear!

I won't be watching. :eek: I'll be hiding behind the sofa.

Anyway, thought I'd share...

(Not Fat anymore thanks to CD!) Lynne
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minimims stalker
wow lol il have to have a watch! i see your in swansea, i am too :) i only started last week so im a newbie.your weight loss is fantastic!! xx
Hiya Franbella
Small world!! How are you doing - when is your first weigh-in? I used to go to Bishop Gore to weigh, with Penny and Viv.

My team on Eggheads all work in the marketing dept in Swansea Uni - but you'll know who i am because of my v. Welsh accent and I'm (was!!) v. fat... boohooh



minimims stalker
lol im sure youl look lovely!! thats where i go penny is my cdc shes lovely! got my first wi tom am very excited :) i started cd april last year but within my first week i had kidney stones then had septicimia was in intensive care for a week and was very poorly indeed it was awful so its taken me all this time to be fully well and motivated.my family all swore blind it was the diet lol so no one is v happy im back on it but i feel its the best way for me as im not good with food choices so ww or slimming world dont really work for me.how long did it take you to lose the weight? x
Oh dear, that sounds absolutely dreadful. I hope you are well now - poor you. You sound as if you went through the mill. I don't think CD would have bought all that on in a week.

Some people love knocking CD. Don't take any notice of them. In fact, I told very few people, but the people i did tell were fascinated by it and wanted to learn more. I didn't get many people trying to put me off to be honest. And you can't deny it works when you see the weight coming off.

I started on the 29th May and by October I had lost 50lbs - which was my target. I need to lose another stone, but I'm going to do that on my own for the time being.

I loved CD - I was SSing for about 3months (ish) and then i was SS+ and moved up the plan. You can see by my signature that i wasn't losing huge amounts every week, but i was fine with that. It was the most weight I've ever shifted, so i was over the moon.

Say hi to Penny and Viv for me tomorrow night - tell them I haven't forgotten about them!!

How have you found this week?



minimims stalker
i will say hi to them for you! this week hasnt been too bad i struggle in the evenings as i have 5 children and come the evening when its my time im used to plooping infront of tele and stuffing my face lol so i usually try to get on here and read peoples posts as this forum really has been my life saver!! not too keen on the shakes but am loving the soups.i really really want to join the gym but have heard conflicting stories about excercising on ss? x
Wow, five kids well done! You must be shattered!!

Actually, I just joined the gym a fortnight ago. I didn't do much exercise on SS+ - apart from walking my dog. I'm not really a gym bunny, but I know there are lots of people who do exercise - it definitely helps with toning.

My friend (who is doing LL and has currently knotched up a 9stone loss - and is still losing!), she has always exercised. She is obviously doing a lot more now because of the weight loss - she was limited on the amount of exercise she could do before.

It can't harm doing some sort of exercise. I'm going to buy a new swimming costume and start swimming this weekend...



This will be my year
Sorry, I have to ask, do you get to meet any of the Eggheads? If so, what's CJ like? Watching his expressions when others are answering questions is addictive... in a very bizarre sort of way lol :eek:
CJ was actually charming and very funny. We did meet them all - even tho we didn't play against Daphne - she was there watching with our reserve player!

Well done on your weightloss. Do you have an after picture for your album xx.
Ooooo i shall be watching!!! :D xxx
Hi Zoe
I'll try to get some pics... I know there were some taken at Christmas time - i need to get over my aversion to the camera now i'm not fat...
You've done so brilliantly well - i'll been keeping an interesting eye on you... just amazing!! Congrats.


An Attitude of Gratitude
Well done on your weight loss.

I'm watching eggheads just now, l'll have to make sure l watch tomorrow as well.

Edit: just checked - here in Scotland Eggheads isn't on tomorrow, a Gaelic programme is on at that time instead, l'll watch out for you in future shows.
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Perseverance is key
Im watching you Lynne!! :D aww you look so pretty!! xx


This will be my year
Ah Lynne, I can't believe you came up against Kevin... he's the one I'd dread the most :sigh:

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