Fatfairy, no sympathy just butt kicking required!!!!


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:new_year:Happy New Year to all you wonderful people.:23:

:hide:I have been avoiding the site lately coz I am so ashamed of myself.:ashamed0005: Before I started refeed I was so full of cr*p being so determined to not overdo things! My refeed didn't go too well, mainly I think coz I overdid the salad and didn't eat enough protein - who'd think that would make a difference!!!! My first refeed WI showed a disappointing gain but I perservered!

I was enjoying all the good stuff but things went downhill Christmas! It started Christmas Eve when we went out to a place where they didn't do sparkling water and I didn't fancy still (I carry a bottle in my bag at all times) so decided to go with Diet Coke! OMG it was sweet! And caffeinated - I used to drink decaff - so I didn't get to sleep till the very early hours!:strikeout_button:

Then Christmas Day I treated myself to a chocolate - my first in over 8 months!:17729: BIG mistake! I got the serious munchies and from then, whilst not overeating, I overdosed on the chocs!!!!! I knew what I was doing was wrong and my jeans got tight and I decided I had to do something! I went for a WI and to have a chat with the chemist. My idea was to go back onto LT for about 3 weeks to detox then redo the refeed but properly this time! More protein less salad. :rant2:Alas my chemist refused to let me go back on LT wanting me to use the maintainance products instead!!!!!! Despite my BMI now jumping back up to 25!!!!!!:banghead:

:badmood:I wasn't very happy and skulked away unhappy but her being determined!:flamingmad: I checked my cupboards and know I have enough LT for about 2 weeks so decided I would restart myself and hope she will sell me one more week when she sees how determined I am!:sign0009: Alas she is always in the chemist and it would be impossible to buy it without her knowing - although I think another chemist in the area has started doing it and I may have to investigate that!

I have spent the last few days finishing various salad ingrediants, fat-free yoghurts and prawns that no-one else in the family would eat and today I have restarted! My OH isn't happy with my decision but I am so grateful to be back on board!!!! I feel like I have come home!!!!

:whoopass:So, feel free to give me butt kicking coz I deserve it! I want to get back into my jeans without the muffin top (all the extra weight has moved on to my fat tummy with a vengence! The legs are still skinny and the collarbones fat free but I now look 12months pregnant!!!! The perils of being a typical apple shape!!!!) I promise to spend more time (work permitting) with the best friends a person can have (that's you lovely people!) and not neglect you in the future.:grouphugg:

I WILL DO THIS!!!! We all will! LT is the easy bit, maintaining is the hardest thing!:wave_cry:


After 3 weeks I hope to go back to healthy eating - this time - NO chocolate!!!!!!!!!
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I too messed up refeed in August. Rushed it through, only used a few samples of the maintenance products, and then completely pigged out at my sisters wedding. That was the start of a slippery road to putting on nearly all the weight I'd lost :(

Restarted on 2/1/09 and think the ketosis fairy has arrived today given my OH keeps complaining about my breath!!

Bring on the weight loss (it's only the start of day 3 and I just weighed myself - 7lb loss already!!)

Keep on with LT for a few weeks, maybe even until you are below your target weight. Then you can relax a little more on maintenance plan after refeed.

Good Luck



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Refined carbs! limit them always! Natural food based on protein and veg, with enough fat is the way to go IMHO....
Anyway you're not alone I pretty much did the same thing- annoying how Christmas and New years so revolve around food and drink. Then also all the visits, no routine.... it's hard to keep your balance.
You will be fine. You've done brilliantly and this period is just as important. I found my body reorganising itself even now after not LTing for 3 months, my proportions are different than 2 months ago.
Get back in control there C-F
p.s. Some people buy whey protein and make up a shake a day for breakfast as a long term maintenance ploy.


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So pleased to see you back Cuddlyfairy!!
Listen, I'm the same. I think refeeding for Christmas was an "artificial" time. We were faced with food and drink that normally wouldn't be on the agenda.
I did it successfully for a holiday earlier on, so I really believe that it's the overabundance of food and drink that's everywhere over Christmas and New Year, that is to blame, it's just NOT a normal time Hun.
Even skinny family members, friends and work colleagues have gained weight!
You'll soon get rid of it (Hey I've lost 7lbs in 2 days so far, so most of it MUST be water and Glycogen)
Be kind to yourself, you're an absolute superstar and this is a perfectly understandable temporary "blip"
Sure, go to the other chemist if you have to, you'll be back on track in no time.xxxx


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I was just thinking the same- be nice to yourself. You've worked so hard on the weight loss..... what about a spa day? Relax, moisturize, warm up?


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Ah thank you you guys! I didn't use the maintanence samples at all even though I have them here waiting! I just want to detox then refeed properly, I'm just not happy my pharmacist can't see what I want to do. I don't want to have to go back on LT everytime I put weight on but Christmas is an artificial time - you are so right there Cathy! It was the chocs that did all the damage as the rest of the time I was on salads and lean protein and wholemeal pitta bread. Fruit is my downfall so the choc replaced the fruit for a few days!!!!!!!!

I am cross that I am having to do this bit without my chemists support but I know me better than she does and I know I need to do this! My scales are very inaccurate so I will be doing this "blind" as I won't be able to get to the chemist for a while coz of work commitments and the fact they are only open Mon-Fri 9-6!!!

So, back to drinking gallons of water - only managed 2-2.5L since Christmas so need to work back up to 3+L.

It's great to have you with me - we will do this!



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Hi Cuddlyfairy, you have had awesome results and done so well. Your post demonstrates how determined you are to continue and also highlights the positive attitude that has got you to where you are today...yes you may have put on during Chrimbo and you are annoyed with yourself....but no butt kicking required you have stopped yourself and will no doubt lose what you have put on (and more) in no time.

So congrats to you and I hope I can go someway to achieving some of what you have achieved.

All the best...


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Hey hey hey fairy x x Happy New Year!!!!!!
How r u doing ( apart from the xmas MASSIVE blip!!) I am sure you can redo it in a few weeks of LT ... i have managed to gain a wee few lbs but fluctuate between weight (normally by 3lbs a time) Luckly not enough to make a difference to my clothes... re do the refeed after your few weeks and then stick to low carb (thats what i did) and i carried on losing and when you need to adjust your diet back to low carb for a bit...it really works!!!
Good luck hunni x x x


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Hi hun, glad to hear from you and snap same happened to me!

I got to target on 22nd Dec and was delighted. Ate a bit extra Xmas day, Boxing Day and day after and felt enormous and panicked. I popped to pharmacy on impulse (so diff clothes and boots) but +4lbs and agreed with them to go back on LT until 5th Jan as refeed just too difficult to think about/cope with over Xmas. So that is what I have done and to be honest am pretty sure that the weight on is off again now.

Sorry your pharmacist is a bit inflexible but even 2 weeks LT will help you calm a bit so you are ready to refeed. I have started refeed today as have realised I can't be scared of eating, but it has been a mad experience. Sorry this is me me me on ur thread but just wanted to reassure you that it is not just you. As Cathy has said I honestly think Xmas is not a good time to start eating again after months on liquids.

I am confident that we can do this as we are so determined to get the next stage of the journey right! We can all help each other and sharing our experience will help those who are near to maintenance now.

Happy New Year you lovely woman x


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Hi Cuddly!]]

Not sure if you or anyone remembers me! I haven't been around in months! But your post has inspired me! Sitting here with bloated tum and KNOW I have put up LOADS!!!! Have been too afraid of scales and haven't even stood on them in about 6 weeks purely cos I know I won't like the result!

THAT'S IT!!!!! Have to weigh in and get back in the next few days! I feel like crap! /Not sure if my pharmacist will take me back!

Thanks Hun for the inspiration! Your results have been amazing!


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Welcome back cuddlyfairy, being wondering where ya have been hiding!!
Sorry to hear things havent been going so well, i think its the same with everyone and your post really brings back people to reality when its not all plain sailing when ya start to refeed. Sorry that your chemist is not backing ya 100%, it may be wise to check out that other one that may be opening soon so gud luck with it. Even with two weeks worth left its still enough to get ya back into the swing of things. As ya seem determined no doubt ya will be back in no time!! Ya have been defintely missed around here and its always good to see ya.

Anyways wishing ya loads of luck we need ya back on the wagon and I look forward to hearing your success again!! Take care

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Hey there beautiful lady. It sucks that your chemist is not going to be there to support you but I'm sure you'll find all of the support you need from the guys and gals on here :) I'm so proud of you for having done so so so well and we all know you'll succeed and get to where you want to be. Love love love!!!! xxxxxxx


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Well no butt kicking here just a massive WELL DONE for stopping it when ya have.
We are all human hun & if we were saints we wouldnt be here in the first place but this has shown you DO have self control cos you are stopping before it gets outta hand unlike so many that I have seen just blow it & end up bigger than the start (my friend lost 10 stone & is now bigger than ever).
Good luck with the restart (altho I knwo ya will be fine)
& Welcome back!!
Happy new year