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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by fatgirlslim74, 11 December 2011 Social URL.

  1. fatgirlslim74

    fatgirlslim74 Determind to do it!!!!!!!

    Today is my first day. I have had more first days than I care to remember, but this is THE last first day.
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  3. Yes we can

    Yes we can Full Member

    Fair play to u, u are determined good luck hun x
  4. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Welcome hun, I sincerely hope you do very well, there`s no reason why not... keep posting and keep reading..we are all here for the same reason and we all know its hard... But it can be done... :D Lou xxx
  5. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Well done for keeping going honey :) ... On wednesday I'm going back to day 1 again ...long story but I'm still here :D xxx
  6. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    How are you doing hunny? Your very quiet lol, hope your ok?
    L xxx

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