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Fattie on a mission to slim down for Cancer Research!!


Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
Hi all.

What a brilliant site.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

I've been following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan since January 4th.

I've decided that I do not wish to enter my 30th Year (in just under 18 months time) as a fattie as i'll also be 'thinking' about starting a family about then too ...

I have set myself a challenge of walking 13.1 miles of a Night Time walking event (Shine) for Cancer Research in London in October.

At the moment I struggle to walk up a shallow gradient because i've been a lazy bugger for so long :rolleyes:

But 2011 will be my year of change.

I've lost 16lbs already.

I've got 135lbs left to lose. (Which oddly is the same about my husband weighs haha)

Much love

Sarah xx
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On A Mission!
Oh well done on the weight loss so far sarah, thats a great start! Welcome to minimins!


Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
Bad day today - let down by friends so had an entire day alone.
I've prepared meals for the freezer to give me something to do - now the freezer is completely full!!
I'm SO BORED!! All I can think of is food and fags (I also gave up smoking a few weeks ago too :-S )

Any ideas for things to keep me occupied that isn't food related??


♥ Bride - to - be ♥
First of all, I think that it is fantastic that you are trying to loose weight for yourself and for cancer research :) that must be such a motivation. When you are struggling, think about why you are doing this, and how proud you will feel every week when you loose that little bit more weight. And weeks where you stay the same or put on, don't feel guilty or beat yourself up. It happens to all of us and every week is a brand new week :)

Every time you feel like having a cigarette, you could maybe challenge yourself to eat a piece of fruit maybe?!


♥ Bride - to - be ♥
Haha, I just seen the "not food related" bit :) Why not go for a walk instead or phone one of your friends for a chat? Or do something you enjoy, a hobby?!
Wow you've done really well so far... A couple of years ago I did some hypnotism because my whole life revolved around food and it really made me feel more calm around food which is great for losing weight... You could maybe try that? Paul McKenna does a cd/book/app called I can make you thin and has a book... It stopped me eating or wanting to eat when I wasn't hungry so I began to see food as fuel and it motivated me to exercise more... I only put on weight after that from taking hormones to donate my eggs and then later getting pregnant which I'm trying to get rid of now!
Let me know if you try it!


Fat Fund-raising Fanatic
Hi Wondergirl!
I'm actually a trainee hypnotisist and for a while i'd been playing with suggestion to help stop the food obsession. I'm a very emotional, boredom driven binge eater and i've not quite got the right script sorted yet. But i'll certainly go back to it now after having some early success to reinforce the good habits :)

I've tried the Paul Mc thing before and i just find his voice so sleazy that I couldn't relax hahaha!!!

Congratulations on your baby and thank you for the comments :)

Surzy xxx

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