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Fav baby names??


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As i'm almost halfway through the pregnancy we've started throwing baby names about.............so far for a girl its Freya & for a boy its Zachary.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as you may throw something in we haven't already thought of.......
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Don't worry, be happy :)
My little girls are called Evie and Lois so those are obviously my fave girl names. I also loved Gracie for a girl too but DH didn't like it.

Are you going to find out what sex the baby is at your 20 week scan?
I didn't know what i was having with both my girls ( not for want of trying, little monkeys crossed their legs!). I found it really hard picking names to the extent that my eldest went 3 weeks without a name and the youngest 2 weeks :eek:.

I love Freya and Zachary by the way, not too common but not too weird either :D.
Hi, I know a little girl called Freya, its a lovely name. My daughters 3 boys are called Dion, Mason and Kade. I chose Kade its an old Celtic word which means from the water if I remember correctly.
I love the name Olivia - my son was going to be an Olivia. When we realised he wasnt a girl we modified it to Oliver!!!

Freya is also lovely - and Zachary. There is a little boy called Zachary at my sons school and he is the sweetest thing!

I love Megan as thats my daughters name!
I like Elisha, Claudia, Ashleen (Aisling is another spelling) and Caitlyn. Boys Stephen, Cailim( I pronounce it 'kay lim' dunno if thats right lol), Daniel. Took me a while to think about them lol.

Freya's a pretty name I like it.
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strong name for a boy Robert
Popular name is Jack , Harvey , For a girl Freya , and my daughter , Mia :)
i love ethan, broddie, logan for a boy and for a girl i love tilly, milly,maddie, sidney and mercy as u can tell ive thought about this alot lolxx


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I love the name Ella
My eldest is called Elies but she's generally an Ellie. I think we're pretty much set on the first names, but middle names are a bit of a non starter - although i do quite like the name Oliver.
Do all of your children have middle names? I know its traditional but hardly anyone uses their middle names these days.
Thanks for all your ideas though guys. *hugs*


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Oh, although i quite like Logan too........decisions, decisions!


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I have had my boys name picked out for years, (How sad am i??)

I have always loved Evan for a boy & Keith loves the name Keira Leigh for a girl.
I love Alica & Rhian too..

Thats what my bairns will get called, when I have them hopefully sometime soon.. :)


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For girls I love Jocelyn (funnily enough! :D) and also Kara which is her middle name, it's the cornish word for love.. Other contenders were Eilidh (which is the scottish for Helen, my name) but when ever we wrote it down and asked people how they'd pronounce it they all said eye-lid where as it's more like Hayley but without the H.. I really like Martha but hubby said no!

For boys names we had settled on Jack but weren't ever 100% on it, I really liked Matthew (as did hubby) and also Theo (as hubby did but not as much as Matthew) but if we ever have a son that one's out now as the alto I sit next to in church has had a baby this week and called him Theo!
Sorry Rayven...completly missed that you were expecting...congrats!!
Names I like Megan,Zara and Rosa for a girl and Ellis,Ross and Alexander for a boy!
I didn't know either! Congrats hun!

Girls: Emily, Sophia, Emma, Aeryn, and my first girl will be called Edel :) (awww, loves my delli!)

Boys: Thomas, James, Logan

I prefer conventional names as they are less likely to be thought silly if you get me - like my mother xrayed a girl called Barbie :D


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Well i quite like my name lol....i hated it as a kid cos i could never buy notepads and things with my name on them.

I use my middle name quite a lot. My mum has no middle name and her brother has two so i guess its just choice. But its great as a conversation starter. :)

My name is Taryn Nicole. It was TAR- RIN but noone calls me that (ozzies are lazy with their words) so everyone calls me taryn (rhyming with karen)

Taz x


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Sorry Rayven...completly missed that you were expecting...congrats!!
Names I like Megan,Zara and Rosa for a girl and Ellis,Ross and Alexander for a boy!

Sorry to jump thread - but the difference between your before and after pics is amazing! You look fabulous!
I like Sadie Megan or Morgan Rae.....for boys i like Morgan James (i like the name Morgan lol) or Blake.... hope your pregnacy is going well :)
Hey the baby names we love are Ella Faith, Evie Hope and Lily Grace
For boys we love Logan, Gabriel James, Rowan and Evan

Hope ur pregnancy is going well

Gud luck



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Hope ur pregnancy is going well

Its not going too badly. Suffered symptoms from about 2 weeks after conception though so its been a long haul so far. I didn't have any symptoms with my girls until i was 8 or 9 weeks so we're thinking that this time it may be a boy - we can find out next week at the scan but we're both still undecided as to whether we want to find out or not. :confused:
Now i've hit the second trimester we've both been able to relax a bit more & thankfully the morning sickness has all but gone. I think i spent three weeks solid with my head down the toilet!! :sign0137:
Thanks for all the name ideas. I quite like Morgan too but i think we're still stuck on our original names - although saying that when Caitlin was born we had another name picked out and hadn't even considered Caitlin, but as soon as i saw her that was who she was!

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