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Favourite flavours?

So what does everyone like and which packs do you think are rank?

I'm a fan of all the chocolate ones and usually go for just a mixture of those and then will add the bars in when I can have them in a few weeks.

Remembering from last time I hated the leek soup I think it was, disgusting. Not really a fan of any of the soups.
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Choc Tetra's all the way for me.

I don't like any of the soups, shakes or any of the other tetras. I tried the bars and yep you guessed I weren't too mad on those either :8855:

Sharon xx


please try again
i live on choc mint shakes made with ice cold water. im all about variety being the spice of life, lol

i cant stomach the porridges, the tomato, the oriental, the leek and potato soups etc but plenty of folks love em, were all different
Chocolate and choc mint for me mainly, will have the odd vanilla if i fancy a change, like the strawberry and choc tetras, liked the bars too but i never feel satisfied after those so only used in emergency :)

Not a fan of the soups or porridge, also only like them cold :)

I sound very fussy dont I lol :)


Must do it this time
I like the strawberry tetras and strawberry shakes,i seem to live on them,im amazed my wee is`nt pink lol.
I also like the toffee bars,i used to like the peanut bars but i seem to have gone off them they taste like cardboard to me now!
i like the chocolate orange bar!

the shakes in my cupboard just now, strawberry, vanilla, forest fruits, choc, choc orange, choc mint ...... banana erm yes to that one too.

I dont like the chocolate shakes cold BTW ... Ihave to have them hot.

I dont like porridge and have gone off the butterscotch shakes too.
I like the banana tetras, and today for the first time I have been making them up with a touch of ice cold water and loads of ice cubes in the blender, really thick and yummy and it makes it up to a pint! Bonus!
Also like the banana and choc shakes, tom soup,again made up to about a pint, have it in a large mug, also the orange bar and toffee bar (if i remember correctly!) but the really strange thing is I cannot stand bananas!!!!:jelous: lol!

Funny how we are all so different on what we like! I remember trying the toffee and walnut shake, it was foul!!! lol!


Full Member
I like quite alot lol.

Chocolate mint
Chocolate orange
Summer fruits

Oriental chilli
Chicken and mushroom
Spicy tomato

I'm sure I've missed a few... I can't stand Vanilla, Toffee and Butterscotch and the apple and cinnamon porridge. Can't wait to try the bars!
Yeah after being on lipotrim I like the majority of the cambridge products. My favourites though are the butterscotch, choc mint shakes, the tomato, mushroom and chicken and mushroom soups and i love the bars but agree they're not the most filling.


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Forest Fruits is my fav.
I like Butterscotch, choc, strawberry but dont like tetras.
Used to love the tomato soup but gone off it now.
Day 3 for me and so far everything has been fine apart from the Butterscotch, but never been a fan of anything that flavour anyway. Really like Fruit of the Forest and chocolate and the 2 soups I've tried so far (Oriental and Vegetable) have both been fine.
Tried the porridge today, apple and cinnamon, it smelt lovely, and initially I liked it, but I prob only had 1/4 of it and had to throw the rest away, I found it very sweet and just a bit too 'glaggy'.
I am glad I have tried it, but can now cross that one off my list! Off to have a tom soup now! (not actually hungry, but know I need to have it!)
Just got my stuff, was going to push the boat out and try a few of the flavours I've not tried since last time round see if I liked them but in the end I went with my trusty chocolate and chocolate mint!
ooh i looove the chocolate mint! and the other chocolate ones hot! the chicken n mushroom soup is lovely and the broccoli is vile! ughh had to shove loads of pepper in it to try and hide the taste >< the butterscotch i accidentally watered down a bit too much so want too nice and the cappuccino and vanilla wasnt that nice either tho ive heard people saying add some coffee to the vanilla? might give it a go :p

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