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favourite flavours?

I only like the chocolate pack, and chicken & mushroom and vegetable soups...

However, everyone is different, and you'll find the answers you get will vary quite a bit...:D

Cat Bee x
OMG my fave IS the porridge! LOL!! Just shows tha its all about individual taste. I like just about all of them except the chocolate orange, thoguh I don't like any of the soups (except vegetable and spicy tomato)
Love the Choc mint with the mix a mouse so its like Angel delight - my fave

Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate are ok

Porridge and Chicken and mushroom soup made me gag

Dont like the tetra packs they leave a irony taste in my mouth.

Fruits of forest not sure yet!
I love the porridge of a morning, not sure if its because its more like solid food than the other sachets, or because I just love the taste, but I really look forward to mornings!

For the shakes, I love the butterscotch or the toffee and walnut flavours. I'll still drink any of the others though, but feel drawn to these.

Soups - any flavours except the chilli or spicy ones, only because they seem to give me heartburn!

Tetra Brick - any flavour

Bars - Peanut, closely followed by toffee and malt.. mmmmmmm
I've had choc/mint, banana, vanilla, strawberry and fruits of the forest so far.
All have been ok but the fruits of the forest left an odd taste in my mouth afterwards.

Favourite is probably banana (at the moment) :)
I like the choc/mint (warm) which is slightly strange as i have never liked hot choc.lol

I also like the cappucino, chicken and mushroom, veg, potato and leek and the mushroom :)


Girl on a mission
Love the chocolate tetra's and shakes as lovely warm strawberry shake is quite nice really cold too.....really can't stand the soups as make me feel really ill:yuk: ....and gonna try the porridge when see my new counsellor:D
my absolute fave is choc mint hot or cold i really enjoy butterscotch mousse and i tolerate the strawberry tetra dnt like any of the soups and cant stand the bars taste really salty to me.
I find I am only liking the chocolate shakes, which limits me a little, does anyone know if they can be frozen to at least change things a little?
yeah there is some recipes that you can do differnt stuff with, there is a couple of threads about recipes too, you just need to find them xxx
Vanilla with shot of cold coffee in it, served ice cold! yum! nicer than cappuccino. also chicken and mushroom and tomato soups. Love the bars, cranberry prob my fave or poss cho orange! Had choc mint as a mousse today, that was scrummy !
Thanks for coffee in banana tip x
I also do a bit of mix and match ie ..half chick and mushroom and half thai chilli, or tomato and veg, or choc and banana etc, when im feeling bored.

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