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Favourite food packet?

Hi ya
this is my first week so have been trying different packs, i dont mind any of teh milkshakes - quite liking the banana and vanilla ones, had teh porridge this morning and after following somones advice on here on how to make it - i must confess and say it was yummy. hate teh soups - tried Asparagus and Minestrone - both powdery and really not nice!!!! the chilli was ok on the first day but tried it again yesterday and really couldnt stomach it!!! not had the bars yet so cant comment!!

So i think my journey will be shakes, porridge and hopefully bars if i like them!!!
Hey im not sure if its new as its only my first week ! give it a go its tastes like peas!


Ready For Change!
Yes the Asparagus is new, back in January when I started LL we had a tester session and gave feed back on it...

Ive re-joined this week and its now on the menu! I quite like it to be honest, creamy and thicker than the others!

I enjoy the banana shakes but i make them with hot water, sweetner and a dash of coffee, it tastes like a banana latte!
I also like the porridge, made with sweetner and a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnemon!
Love the toffee bar looking forward to having bars next week!
The shepards pie is new to me and i have to say with a dash of garlic salt and pepper its rather yummy!!

Just realised i have to add a little something to every pack.... lol
I must say that I love the porridge and have it every day for BF with some cinnamon.
I also like the vanilla shake in hot water with coffee. It has replaced my eve coffee. I have not tried other shakes yet.
I like the mushroom soup with a lot of pepper and the veg soup with tabasco.
Didnt like the chicken or the curry soups.

I had one bar today - toffee. I did not like it.

I find that i tend to use a lot more water than recommended for soups and i leave it the soup bowl to cook a little while in the hot water. It does not taste very powdeery if made thin.
Hey I tried the porridge for the first time and must say it's yummy, anyone tried the shepherds pie?


Ready For Change!
Yes its delish!!
Briliant - i will try it for dinner tonight - thanks


Ready For Change!
Briliant - i will try it for dinner tonight - thanks
You're welcome, I add a dash of garlic salt when mixing it, then when it comes out of the microwave i add a little pepper!

I hope you like it!

It has peas and onions and quorn like pieces in it... its the nearest pack to "food" in my opinion! ;)
sounds yummy! i will try the garlic salt addition - never thought of that
After three weeks the only ones I can handle are Banana Shake for breakfast or vanilla mixed with iced coffee, minestrone soup for lunch and dinner and then a cranberry or nut fudge in the evning with a cuppa!
I used to love the chilli and poidge and now i cannot bear them....its funny how your tastes change so much.
people in class are saying that things they loved at the beginning they hate now - its probably as we dont have that much choice and then you must get bored of them! some say they even went pack to packs that they started hating and now like them again !!! im so new that i am not bored of any yet, thank god, but im sure it will come


Ready For Change!
Minestrone..? <-Not had the pleasure of this one yet...

After a few days of porridge and asparagus i must say, im not too keen :(
I use to live off porridge my first time round... Not too fussed now?

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