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Favourite/least favourite SS 'day'

Bit of Saturday 'fluff' but....

the other night I found myself planning the next day's CD meals :eek: and I realised this had taken the place of me planning the meals I would normally have had if I was not doing CD - CD seems to be my new food obsession!

I then started thinking about my ideal SS day and decided it would be

breakfast: Choc shake
lunch: Chocolate bar
dinner: Oriental chilli soup

and my least ideal

breakfast: Butterscotch shake (bleurgh!)
lunch: Choc mint (I don't like mint in anything)
dinner: Leek and potato soup (ok, but definitely last packet to ever use!!)

If you could have your ideal choice in a day what would it be?:D And your 'day from hell?' :eek:
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Nearly a yummy Mummy
My ideal would be
Breakfast: Choc Mint
Lunch: Peanut Bar
Dinner: Choc Mint

My disaster day would be

Breakfast: Toffee & Walnut
Lunch: Forest of fruit
Dinner: Any of the soups

For me the best would be

Brek- choc tetra
lunch- choc bar
dinner- choc tetra or chilli soup I think you can tell I like my chocolate :)

worst would be

Brek- porridge
lunch- tom soup
dinner- choc orange


please try again
hmm i have

brekkie - choc mint
lunch - choc mint
dinner - choc mint

thou i have mine later on in the day

worst day? if my cdc has run out of choc mint :)


Full Member
For me it would be


Brekky... Strawberry Tetra
Lunch.... Banana Tetra
Tea ...... Chocolate Tetra (warm)


Brekky... Porridge
Lunch ... Any of the packet shakes
Tea ...... Tomato soup
hmm i have

brekkie - choc mint
lunch - choc mint
dinner - choc mint

thou i have mine later on in the day

worst day? if my cdc has run out of choc mint :)
Lol you're the same as me.

My favourite day is choc tetra, followed by choc tetra and then yep another choc tetra.

Anything else is bleurgh.


Full Member
My perfect day would be 2 choc and 2 choc mint shakes,

My bleurgh day would be any of the others but particularly the butterscotch (tastes like wet cardboard) or the toffee and walnut (yick!)


Needs more willpower
I have only so far tried :

Apple and cinnamin porridge - nice
chocolate shake - lovely
tomatoe soup - nice
plain porridge - ok
chocolate orange shake - yum yum
chicken and mushroom soup - yuk

Day 2 only !

Looking forward to Butterscotch shake but it seems to have a negative report. I love butterscocth normally


Nearly a yummy Mummy
i really like the butterscotch enjoy xx

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Faves are

brekkie ,, fruits of the forest
lunch ,, banana
Tea ,, Choccy mint

yuck ones are

Brekkie Butterscotch
Lunch choccy orange
Tea Toffee and Walnut

Quite like the vanilla as well
funny how we're all different - Butterscotch is like torture to me. Reminds me of butterscotch Angel Delight from my childhood and I hated that too!

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
I couldn't drink the butterscotch, tried it again today and almost vommed at it. Same with the choccy orange :(
Brekkie: toffee and walnut
Lunch: Any tetra
Tea: Choc bar / choc orange

Though I usually have my bar for 'supper' and have a veg drink for tea - sometimes I even have it in a bowl with a spoon to try and fool myself! Funny that I do that but I've never tried the soups....

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