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Favourite meala


I really love this for breakfast:

Healthy Bircher Muesli:

1 grated apple
1/2 grapefruit
1 cup nonfat yoghurt
a few tbsp oats
1 tsp linseeds (for fibre and omega3)

Mix it all together, it's so nice. And depending on the yoghurt and how much oat and linseed you use it's low calorie and keeps you full for hours. Plus grapefruit apparently speeds your metabolism, and we all like that!

Hope you like it! xxx
I usually just have cereal or porridge :) but for a good filling breakfast you can't beat scrambled egg with chopped ham tomatoes and mushrooms in!! Mine comes in at around 200 using two eggs so you can have some fruit an yoghurt as well or wholemeal toast? For super speedyness a sliced banana on wholemeal toast with a scrape of peanut butter if you've got the cals?

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I swear by pots of porridge. Tesco's ones are 170 cals and as long as I keep topped up with water, they keep me full all morning until lunchtime :)


Slimming down the aisle
I have porridge with a little honey and raisins from the canteen at work, keeps me full much longer than my fruit and fibre! But I have NO idea how to count the calories in it when I don't know how much there is in there, what it's made from etc!
So how do you log it, Caroline?


Slimming down the aisle
I haven't worked that one out yet!
caroline g said:
I haven't worked that one out yet!
Bang it in as 240? That's bout 30 higher than a ladleful of regular porridge? That'll cover the raisins and to be fair if it's filling you up an keeping you off the snacks then if its a few cals higher it's worth it!!!

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For breakfast I like nimble bread (49 cals) and light cheese triangles if I'm having a "stodge" crave.
I also have things like a quorn sausage, some tinned tomatoes, scrambled eggs (with the nimble).

I love oats so simple, measure the milk and its easy peasy to work out the cals as it's in sachets.

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