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Favourite TV programe...

Notice a theme...;)

GILMORE GIRLS!! I bloody love this show!! Does anyone else watch this? I used to hate it when I'd be in my mum's and she'd have it on. I used to think it was so contrived but one day I just got hooked and OH ended up buying me the complete box set for Xmas and just last night we watched the very last episode. I actually feel bereft lol
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House for me definitely. We bought the 4th season a couple of weeks ago and instantly worked our way through it and finished in about 4 days. Now we've got to wait for the 5th season to come out. T.T


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Very sad here but it's Emmerdale !
lol -weird. Remember years back, Tina Dingle ditched a guy at the alter. I had a dream I was married to him last night lmao!! Though I'm derinitely I'm more Mandy Dingle than Tina Dingle :D

I LOVE HOUSE!! Although it is upsetting to suddenly fin Hugh Laurie so sexy!!
What age is he now? he's been about forever hasn't he? Still some dudes are like that aren't they -better with age. mmmmm


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That cane really does something for House... ;) Definitely feeling Gilmore Girls at the moment, used to catch the odd ep here and there but decided to download all the seasons and watch them, eps at a time, to my heart's content.. And now my heart is very content! Just started S3, know bits and bobs of what's going to happen in the other series but trying to refrain from coming across spoilers, which is a pain the ass as I go on IMDB and read GG quotes when I'm agitated to cheer me up, and I always end up finding something out that I wish I didn't!!


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im hooked on bones at the mo. just finished s4. also like true blood an sex and the city. got the complete series an that started my love affair wiv shoes!!! :)
Grey's Anatomy for me at the moment. Though I am so eagerly anticipating the finale of Lost, that I'm totally occupied with that show at the moment.

Favourite ever would have to be Alias. Though that show wasn't so well known in Europe. A stroke of genius that was!

I never saw Gilmore Girls, though I did recently find out that my current celebrity crush used to play in it ;)
He played Jess
I'm loving Cougar Town! Oh and Desperate Housewives... and Glee... and True Blood! Eeeeek too many American things to choose from. Oh and I'm dedicated to my Neighbours of course! x
Cruiksl - I am with you its Emmerdale for me
Oooh, forgot about Glee!
Well, if we're listing all the ones we love at the moment it's: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Glee, Heroes and........yes.......America's Next Top Model :p


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I loved Gavin and Stacey!! Brilliant. Also a big fan of Gilmour Girls and House. Also Lie to Me and a few other shows from the US.

But at the moment I can't get enough of cooking shows. I love watching them prepare food, cook food and it looks fantastic. I miss food. Both myself and the other half are on LT so there's no food in my house and it's always on the television!

Come Dine with me is the top one we watch, I love the guy that narrates it, he's brill!!
My best mate comes from near Barry and she loves Gavin and Stacey so much she has random attacks of the Barry accent! Usually her accent is non existent but every now and again there's a "oh... what's occurring" attack and we all fall over laughing. Good times. x
Grey's Anatomy is the best show ever!!! McDreamy is my new husband...the only reason he's married to his current wife is cos he hasnt met me yet haha! my hubby knows this! lol
i love the Gilmore Girls too...i record it on E4 and watch all at the weekend! i am even watching it 2nd time around!....its so good!
I love TV, my favourite at the minute is Come Dine with me, Four Weddings, Eastenders and always re-runs of The Office and Sex and the City (can't wait for the movie)

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