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Favourote breakfast

Just wondering what everyone's fave breakies are at the moment? I usually have either;
2 weetabix with fruit and little milk-300cals
2 nimble toasted with ww jam and a small banana sliced on top-350cals
2 egg whites plus one whole egg made into an omelette with 3 slices lean ham, cherry tomatoes and onion-300cals

What's everyone else having? x
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When I am in work I usually grab a slimfast and an apple - about 300 cals.

But on weekends I have a small tin of weight watchers beans on 2 pieces of nimble toast (300-350)
I'm having tescos healthy living bacon (65 cals for 2 grilled slices) and two bits of WW bread tomorrow... I have never looked forward to brekkie so much!!

That, or beans on toast is a good starter. Branflakes and banana. Anything really... lol
A big bowl of All Bran and milk, it's under 150 cals, and keeps me going til lunch!
Or one egg on wholegrain toast and a peice of fruit, about 250 cals.
On holiday seeing my parents, so have loads of time - oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins is my fav right now, or a couple fried eggs on toast (bit of a splurge, but fills me up!)
im nevern hungry in the mornings couldnt stomach anything more than a small cereal bar (im lazy too something easy i can grab and go)
i'd rather save the calories as evenings are my worst
Before the weightloss, I would never eat breakfast. I physically couldn't stomach it. Then at the good old elevensies, the snacking would begin.

Now, I'm loving Special K 'Oats & Honey' which fills me up just enough until 11 when I have a small snack. Yum yum!


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I love Special K Red Berries!

I only discovered it this week. Always thought I wouldn't like it and then am house sitting for my sister at the moment and it was the healthiest she had, the rest were the kids' cereal - cocopops etc. And I really liked it!

I never used to have breakfast either. But I find I am a bit hungrier in the mornings now. And having breakfast stops your body going into starvation mode, so it's good to do! Kick starts your metabolism. I have an underactive thyroid anyway, so it needs all the help it can get!
Poached eggs on toast is my fav weekend breakfast - unfortunately, I don't have time during the week to have it - so it's usually plain old toast ( on wholemeal bread of course!).


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With all the lovely fruit around at the moment I usually have a big bowl of mixed berries, about 400g of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and a few apricots, followed by 2 weetabix with hot milk.

A protein-rich breakfast does fill me up for longer, though, and my favourite is a tin of John West kipper fillets on a couple slices of nimble, with some salad veggies on the side to fill me up. I also love a small tin of baked beans on toast with a poached egg on top, or 2 scrambled eggs with Nimble and smoked salmon.
You are making me feel hungry with those breakfasts Iris. I will have to try some of these!


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I'm getting hungry too! I'm having to coax myself away from the fruit these days because I know that protein's a more sensible option, and the baked beans especially are a wonderful source of iron as well as protein.

A good old prawn omelette whisked up with some quark and herbs is a nice option, too. And, hey, can always be followed with the bowl of berries, I suppose! ;)
Mmmmm yum I love omelettes! I usually have eggs in the fridge at all times but I just went to make an omelette and am totally disgusted I have none. Am just up and am feeling rather fragile after last night lol
My favourite breakfast is a slice of toast, beans, mushrooms and scrambled egg. Yum, yum, yum. Sets me up for the day nicely. I think it's about 450 calories (I may be wrong on that!)
On weekdays I usually have 30 grams of Krispies or cornflakes with 125 ml of skimmed milk before leaving for work, then when I get to work I have a banana. However, on Saturdays and Sundays I try to have something different like scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, or beans on toast. I always have a mid-morning snack to keep me going till lunch...usually a "Light" Alpen bar. They are delicious and come in a few different flavours. I really like the chocolate and fudge flavour and the summer fruits flavour. They're only 59 calories too!
I always have protein of some sort - chicken/ham/fish/eggs - with baked beans or tinnned toms. Then a little fruit. Plus coffee and sugar-free squash. Keeps me going to lunch time. 300 cals worth.

If I don't have the protein, I am starving and grumpy within an hour or so.


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my fave brekkis is 2 wholemeal bread (140 cals) 2 quorn sausages (98 cals) and a dollop of tom ketchup (35 cals)spread on the bread instead of marg

so about 300 depending on which brand of bread u use!


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