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Faye attempts 100lbs!!!!!! - Woohoo 3 stone award!!!!

Hi everyone - Im pretty new to the forum so a big hello from me! :wavey:

Have been doing SW since 5th November 2008 and so far it is going well but recently I havent been as 100% as I should have been (naughty me!) so thought I would keep a diary here if thats ok?

So a little bit about me - I am 25, have 2 children (3 and 5) and an OH. I work full time and OH works full time nights which has resulted in lots of picking at food and late night takeaways - hence the horrific weight gain since we have been together. I want to lose 100lbs (7st 2lbs) in all but have a first target of losing 5st which is the weight I put on with both my pregnancies.

So stats so far

Nov 08 - 18lbs
Dec 08 - 9 lbs
Jan 09 - 5lbs
Feb 09 - 4lbs so far
Total lost = 36lbs

Want to get my 3st award by the end of March (6lbs to go) but have no date in mind for my targets.

Anyways thats enough for now. My weigh in is on Weds and I am back 100% from now.

Will be back tomorrow with a food plan! x x x
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Is so very nearly there!
I might aim for 100lb too! Need to adjust ticker but hey!

Good Luck - you are doing so so well...

Set mini goals as Taz says as seems more achievable!

hey and welcome xxx
Thanks for the welcome everyone. Mini goals are definately the way forward - much less scary that way! Half a stone at a time I think - have 6lbs to lost to get my 3 stone award which will be the most I have ever lost (I usually lose 2stone and then celebrate by putting it all back on!)

Weigh in at 9.30am tomorrow, really hoping for a small loss but wont be overly disappointed if I dont (went out for a meal last Weds). Then off food shopping after class.

Will let you know how I got on! x x
Hi and Welcome.

When I started, I had 140lbs to lose. That was on the 1st October 2008. I now have 90lbs to lose. After the first couple of months, I now seem to have settled in to around 7lbs a month loss, which is fine by me.

I keep setting myself small targets, so far I've met the two I set and am on my way to the third. I really want to look as good as I can for hubby's 40th birthday mid December, so that's keeping me going long term.

Good luck for the 3 stone award.. it feels GREAT when you get it. I'm now 1/2 a pound away from my 3 and a half stone, but it's the 4 stone award that I will celebrate (but not by going off plan LOL) I just need to work out what to treat myself to.
Morning everyone.

Taz - hope weigh in went well

Annie - well done on your weight loss so far thats really good. You'll be at 4 stone before you know it - maybe treat yourself to some pampering - hair, nails, spa etc - think thats what I might do, everything else I enjoy doing involves food!

I lost 2lbs this morning which I am really pleased with. I have joined the challenge on the main SW board to lose 21lbs by the end of May so that is really motivating.

Have bought loads of meat today so no excuses for this week!

Hope everyones wellx x
Hi and welcome!!!

Well done on the 2lb loss this week. You will reach the 100lb mark before you know it!
I had a gastric band fitted in March last year, but with not having the right adjustment etc the losses were really slow, so I started SW in November. I started at 301lbs and I am now 221, so have lost 80lbs so far and still have another 88lbs to go to target, but I will get there and so will you!!

Good luck with your journey.
Thanks for the well dones everyone and Taz - thats a good loss well done.

I am meeting a friend today for lunch! Jacket potato for me with some salad. Making a big pan of chilli for tea tonight so hopefully that will keep me busy for the day - weekends are a real struggle for me.

Its my daughters 6th birthday next week - luckily on weigh in day so if I do succumb to some cake and party food I have the whole week to undo the damage!

Only 4lbs to go for my 3 stone award. Hopefully can do that in the next 2 weeks. - heres hoping anyway... x x x
Afternoon everyone! STS at SW this week but it is my star week so I am quite pleased with that as I bloat horribly - hoping for a loss this week.

So its 100% for me for the next 4 days until weigh in on Weds am - if I lost 2lbs that takes my total weight loss to 40lbs - 40% of the way there!

B - onion omelette
D - HM veg soup
T - Chicken and veg

Loads of housework to do too so will try and work up a sweat with that and count it as exercise :8855:

Hope everyone is well x x
Thank you Ronnie

Weigh in was on Weds and I lost 1lb which I am pleased with - total lost now 2st 11lbs - 3stone award so close now!

Have made a few new recipes this week which worked well so thats cheered me up (I am the worlds worst cook!) Potato and cauliflower curry and beefburgers.

Off for a mooch for more recipes to try out while I'm in the mood for it!

Aiming for 2lbs this week! xx

Computer died on me this week so have been without t'internet for about 3 days and guess what I did in those 3 days because I was bored?..... eat and eat and eat, shows how easy it is to go off track!

STS this week at weigh in but that was purely luck. Have given myself a big kick as I have lost 1lb in 3 weeks. At least I havent put on but I'm never going to get to target at this rate!

Had a good day yesterday and have meals planned for the weekend and loads of yogs/fruit to snack on so no excuses.

Today I am having an onion omelette as a late breakfast, tuna salad for lunch and beef stew for tea with tonnes of veg. Yogs/fruit as snacks and I have some skinny cow ice creams in for watching Casualty tonight (exciting life I lead!)

Hope everyone is well - will be back tomorrow to keep me on track

x x xx
HI all - have been hiding for a couple of weeks! STS at weigh in last week and was a bit disappointed because I had been good - but went to weigh in this morning and lost 3lbs and best of all this meant I got my 3 stone award - Yeay!!!!!!


So I am back, motivated and Ive finished my sulk now! Next aim is to lost 2lbs which will take my total weight loss to 50lbs and then I am halfway to target!

Now for some meal plans I think! x x x
Evening everyone - that time of the week again! Weighed in this morning and have lost another 2lbs so total weight loss for week 22 is 3stone 2lbs - yeay!

Going to try out some new recipes this week, going to be a bit adventurous and see what I can manage.

Hoping to lose 1lb next week and 1lb the week after and that will be 1/2 stone lost in April.

x x x x

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