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fear of Weigh in's when food is involved?


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Does anyone else get this still?

I'm on week 16 i think of CD, and had loads of weigh in's on SS with positive results except last weeks of course.

This week, i have had 2 meals out where i have stuck with chicken and salad but in larger quantities, and also my CDC recommended that i SS+ for a week to see if that shifts anything.....

and i am petrified of my weigh in tomorrow!

With the meals out, i drank LOADS of water to try and flush as much through as possible as i didnt know how they were cooking things, and my SS+ meals have been exact to the point of annoyance lol but i am still terrified of getting on those scales!

the 810 week i lost 2lbs which wasnt great but still off....but then to put a pound on last week for no reason while being 100% on SS has really knocked my confidence.....and to top it off....I came on my period on Wednesday a week earlier than usual....so that could also be shown on the scales....something else that is worrying me!

surely, being an "oldtimer" on CD now i should be used to the weekly weigh ins by now?

Is anyone else like this as its worrying me that another gain will end up making me think that food = weight gain which will stop me from wanting to eat.....

any advice would be appreciated as i'm worrying myself to distraction now! :(

Hope i'm the only one like this in a way as i wouldnt wish this fretting on anyone!

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i do this too ;-(

I even panic just before weigh in when i know i havent eaten anything else, just incase!!

At least when you have eaten and the scales dont say a big loss, you know why. Its when you've stuck to it 100% and they barely shift/sts etc...when you get really annoyed

hope wi goes well


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Hi, I am the same i'm afraid. I did ss for 11 weeks with fab losses, then did ss+ for one week and lost 4lb which was great but the week I did 810 I stayed the same? I was baffled but I have made myself do another week of ss+ to make sure I can still lose weight when food is involved and not only on ss.

I think sometimes it has nothing to do with what we do ie eat or ss, sometimes it's just our bodies doing what they need to do. I racked my brains trying to figure out why I stayed the same but at the end of the day we can only do our best and our bodies will do the rest.

Chin up, you have done fantastic and your weight loss is amazing-well done. xx

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